Thursday, August 02, 2012

Food for thought 2

In Britain, thieves are ripping up railway and telephone cables, stealing lead of church roofs, prying off manhole covers, blatantly carting away ramps for the disabled, and causing children to shiver in schools by stealing heating pipes. This is in response to a soaring demand for copper and lead as developing countries race to build skyscrapers, factories and other infrastructure. It's pointless to blame greed when it's endemic to the capitalist system.

Well, Egypt finally got its democracy -- you can choose who you like for President as long as we, the army aristocracy, get to vet all the
candidates and reject whoever we don't like, and as long as, when you have chosen a president, we get to suspend the elected assembly and make up our own constitution. That's what will happen until the working class realizes that only a socialist revolution will do the trick. John Ayers


J A Y B said...

That is because what Egypt has is not democracy as the word is known to mean. The problem with allowing a non-free country to pretend to have democracy because they can vote even though there is no canditade that can stand as opposition to the norm - a bit like saying the Britain can vote but it will be between Cameron, Osborne, Grayling and or IDS. No one else of a differing opinion can stand. No Clegg, Miliband, Lucas or Galloway can stand.

Democracy and capitalism and socialism can be good bedfellows. But not if the term and definition of democracy is blighted to mean less than it should.

Cheap Courier said...

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