Friday, February 17, 2017

A Scientific Socialist Party

The meaninglessness of our existence is obvious to most of us and more and more people are lashing out against the system in anger and defiance yet too many fail to understand the cause. It is because we feel vulnerable by our utter dependency on the capitalist system to clothe, feed, and shelter us which only too frequenty fails to do so or demands a heavy price for us to pay. We have lost our sense of belonging, trading it in for the privilege to be exploited by capitalism, toiling in jobs that alienate us from ourselves, our families, our communities and our environment. To protest this wage-slavery makes us to be viewed as some sort of Luddite. We a Fellow-workers need to get some perspective into their livesre presented with so-called radical ideas that only an economic collapse or series of natural disasters could possibly provide the impetus for revolutionary change to occur. This only leaves us feeling helpless, depressed, and passive in the face capitalist oppression.
For societies where poverty is endemic, you find a history of colonialism, disease, corporate exploitation, ethnic clashes, dictatorships, and environmental degradation. Poverty alleviation is a hoax. Poverty eradication is a myth. There is a whole industry and market out there where poverty is a commodity. Almost every effort at eradicating poverty only exacerbates it. Every poverty alleviation/eradication attempt has provided temporary fix and perpetuated worse outcomes for the long term, including producing disease and further helplessness and dependency. Once we appreciate fully the capitalist system along with its class privileges that produce, reproduce, and transmit power globally and locally, we then can end poverty and inequality resulting from the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution. To end poverty one has to focus on the society that deprive people of resources. When people have control over their tools, machinery and technology as well as control of their environment then they can emerge out of their poverty.
Socialism is not some utopian scheme. Capitalism has created the economic conditions for socialism social evoution. Today there is social production but no social ownership. Socialism will bring social ownership of social production. It is the next step in the further development of  social evolution. Working people will take over the economic forces developed by capitalism and operate them in the interests of society.    Because the working people will control the great wealth they produce, they will be fundamentally able to determine their own futures. The end of exploitation of one person by another will be an unprecedented liberating and transforming force. Socialism will not mean government control. The economy will be geared not to the interest of profit, but to serving human needs. This will release the productive capacity of the economy from the limitations of profit maximization. A great expansion of useful production and the wealth of society will become possible. Rational economic planning will replace the present anarchistic system.  Socialism will open the way for great changes in society.
The Socialist Party endeavours to educate to inspire change for the common good. The Socialist Party's description of itself is that we are "scientific socialists" and what is meant by this is that our method of understanding society is based on a scientific approach. The scientific method which socialists follow is both open-minded and sceptical, willing to embrace or drop an idea depending on the evidence, willing to change the theory if the evidence demands it. Carl Sagan described it well:

"Science is generated by and devoted to free enquiry: the idea that any hypothesis, no matter how strange, deserves to be considered on its merits. The suppression of uncomfortable ideas may be common in religion and politics, but it is not the path to knowledge."

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