Friday, May 19, 2017

Travelling Pollution System

We continue our monthly soap opera about the TTC. On April 16th, a study that was published in the journal, "Environmental Science and Technology", claimed that concentrations of fine particulate matter on the Toronto subway system, are roughly ten times the level found outside TTC stations. At 95 micrograms per cubic metre, researchers say the levels are typical of an average day in pollution-choked Beijing.

Under some conditions, the kind of particulate matter that was measured, known as PM2.5 has been associated with lung problems and Health Canada advised that indoor concentrations "should be kept as low as possible."

And I thought smoking was bad for one's health! As long as the capitalists have a transit system to get their workers to their places of exploitation, they ain't going to worry too much about their health. 

Steve and John.

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