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Recent Reading

The Lost City of Z" by David Grann Doubleday, 2009, recounts the authors attempt to find exactly what happened to explorer Percy Fancett, who disappeared while trying to find ancient cities in the Amazon jungles. Though Grann was unsuccessful, he did succeed in finding the cities. Grann quotes a spokesperson for the Brazilian Transport Ministry that "loggers on road B R 163, employ the highest concentration of slave labour in the world." 
Grann notes that Indians are frequently driven off their land, enslaved, or murdered. So despite the tremendous advances, we've made in our technology nothing fundamentally changes in life itself, but under capitalism how can it?
What I can also recommend by Mr. Grann is his most recent work, "Killers of the Flower Moon," ( Doubleday.) Grann describes the shock U.S. capitalists received when, having forced the Osage Indians onto some barren land in Oklahoma, they become overnight millionaires when oil was discovered there. …

Life In Capitalism Is Always Dangerous

The white supremacist riots in Virginia on August 11-12, which is what they were, even if they said it was a rally, show that prejudice is alive and ill under capitalism. 
Some of the white nationalists cited Trump's victory as validation for their beliefs and his critics pointed to his racially tinged rhetoric as increasing America's racial tension. 
Furthermore, he wasn't in a hurry to make a public comment about it; though the most amazing comment was from Jesse Jackson, "We are in a very dangerous place right now."
Life under capitalism is always dangerous. Hey Jess, wake up and smell the stink. 
John Ayers.


One of the many TV adverts for the Royal Air Force shows 19 year old Ellie having a grand social life, occasionally working but never killing or wounding people nor being killed or wounded in action.
Our Ellie's jogging down the road, (Which is the first thing that you do!) When one has joined the Air Force boys, To play with their expensive toys, Flown by all the same chaps in blue.
Our Ellie's sitting on a train, Returning to her home on leave, She's quite fatigued from all the fun, And life has only just begun, The ad would have us fools believe!
Our Ellie's back upon the base, With no sign of a single plane, Then blow me down she's on the road, Not marching with a heavy load, But jogging with the guys again!
Then Ellie frolics in the sea, With the said drop-dead gorgeous chaps, Then duty calls from State and Queen, She looks at her fluorescent screen, And studies all her radar maps.
And then she fiddles with a plane, And twiddles lots of nuts with glee, But in the next shot, give m…

The Point Where Nutty Things Follow.

Between the time of writing this (August 7), and the time you read it, this information may be old news,may because any day Donald Trump may do something bizarre. The questions many are asking now are, "Did Russian businessmen and/or gangsters, (and sometimes the difference is blurred), connive to get trump elected, and if so was he aware of it?
We of the SPC say that for the working class of the U.S., and elsewhere, it doesn't matter, because whoever gets elected, and however they get elected, the fundamentals of capitalism remain intact, which cause their problems. Can anyone imagine Hillary advocating Capitalism's abolition? 
Of course the situation regarding Trump is crazy, Meshigana or Bonkers, call it what you will, but what else can we expect when the very basics of capitalism are crazy? The vast majority of the world's people create its wealth and docilely and legally hand it over to a small minority. From this point all many …

Insanity Gone Ballistic.

We've all heard of North Korea's threats to send a nuclear missile to America and Trump's "Locked and Loaded," reply. 
Many may ask, "But why would capitalists anywhere risk a nuclear war with its American competitors? That would be insanity gone ballistic." 
To answer a question with one – since when have sanity and capitalism gone hand in hand?
 John Ayers.

Unemployment. It "Is" It is. It "Is"

On August 4, Stats Canada revealed the unemployment rate in Canada had fallen in July from 65% to 6.3, which was its lowest since the financial crisis of 2008.
The next day the press was jubilant; the Toronto Star said "It was one of the lowest rates we've seen in the last 2 decades." Ontario Economic Development Minister, Brad Dueuid, was no less ecstatic, "The numbers show Ontario's economy continues to grow at an impressive rate."
What these celebrants fail to realise is that there still "is" unemployment, which "is" a symptom of capitalism and will always exist, no matter how it fluctuates, within capitalism. 
John Ayers.

Another Crazy Situation.

Haitians are fleeing to Canada from the U.S. in fear of being deported to Haiti, now the Trump administration is considering ending the temporary protected status program.
At a news conference on August 3, Quebec Immigration Minister, Kathleen Weil said there were roughly 50 requests for asylum a day, between July 1 and July 19 and now it is about 150 a day. She said Quebec had already received 6,500 asylum seekers by the end of June and is on track to have 12,000 by the end of the year.
Of course it will be difficult for federal and provincial governments to find them jobs and houses. Montreal's Olympic Stadium has been set up to accommodate as many as 600 until mid-September.
Another of the many crazy situations which capitalism by its very nature throws up. 
John Ayers.

Capitalism has failed

We in the Socialist Party have always argued that many workers would arrive at conclusions similar to those of ourselves on their own, without encountering the Socialist Party's speakers or publications.

 We have thought that the basic causes of problems would be recognised and attacked, not just the symptoms. We held others would identify the pursuit of profit as responsible for the ills of society, for gross inequalities, for the bloodshed of war, for the waste of production, for people's need to obey and conform.

 The alternative a system without prices or money, based on co-operation not competition, with work done by volunteers, after all, there would still be plenty of motivation to work in a society where people would be cooperating to produce the best possible, free of stress and worries. Without useless jobs and pointless wars and so on. it would be possible to produce an abundance of goods, for people to take as they wish.

 The Socialist Party is often accused of bein…

Socialism is coming to a place near you

The world is facing profound political and economic crises. Disasters do not usually come out of the blue even if they are described as “acts of God”.  They arise from a capitalist system which seeks profit maximisation at all cost and at the expense of all else because this is what the system requires. The real root causes behind this series of extreme weather events is capitalism as we have witnessed time and time again. Always the end result of this market system of economics is the suffering of communities around the world.  CEOs and the shareholders make the ultimate decisions about how the world will run.  The bottom line always comes down to our current system of capital accumulation and the need for never-ending expansion and growth. Capitalism's effects are insidious and are like cancer. Capitalism is sickening the planet. Our entire economic system is THE problem. Once we identify a disease, we set about determining the cure. We must set about creating a better society f…

What the Socialist Party is

The Socialist Party seizes every opportunity for making the working class conscious of socialism as the only ultimate answer to the machinations of global capitalism.  It is our task to drive home the lesson that socialism is the only way to cure the evil effects of capitalism. The Socialist Party stands solidly upon the belief that socialism can only be attained by a working-class invincibly strong through socialist knowledge; all our activities are directed towards the spreading of this knowledge.  Our movement seeks to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.  "What has the Socialist Party done during all its years of its existence?” is the accusation Socialist Party members lecturers frequently meet from Johnny-Come-Latelys and Will O' the Wisps on the Left. The answer is quite a simple one.“The Socialist Party has remained in existence!”  Nevertheless, we cannot really blame them their ignorance in decrying the Socialist Party. We, in the Socialist Party, have not joine…

It's Going ...going...gone

A study has revealed UK oil and gas reserves may only last another decade, with close to just 10 per cent of recoverable oil and gas left. If the predictions are correct, the UK will soon have to import all the oil and gas it needs.

Scientists from the University of Edinburgh examined the UK’s likely potential for fracking and carried out a fresh analysis of the country’s oil and gas production. Their findings take into account the long-term downward trends of oil and gas field size and lifespan, alongside the break-even costs for fracking.

They found that the UK only has minimal potential for fracking. They explained that many possible sites are in densely populated areas, have “low quality source rocks” and “complex geological histories.” Scientists say: “Fracking is likely to be too restricted to become an effective industry, which would require thousands of wells.” Analysis of the Earth’s mineral reserves shows that discoveries of oil and gas have consistently lagged behind output s…

Away with Capitalism

Forward is our watchword, whether we like it or not.” Joseph Dietzgen
Capitalism can offer us very little else but a series of crises of one sort or another.
Our fellow-workers are beset on all sides by those who would have them fight for what are designated as their liberties. The workers are led to believe that their forefathers fought for and won something the present generation must guard as a sacred treasure. The ruling class give it the name “Democracy,” and millions are worked up into a state of frenzy by the capitalist class and their lackeys, until they are prepared to fight and die for their "privileges” and their “freedom.”The history of the working class is one of sorrow and starvation, of slavery and of shame. There is nothing in it that would justify us in risking our lives to preserve. The Socialist Party considers it is foolish to support war for democracy and die for capitalism. We think it is best to fight against capitalism and live for socialism. If you realise…

What would Marx and Engels have thought of Lenin?

They would have opposed his claims of 'socialism' with every fibre of their being.
Marx used the terms socialism and communism interchangeably and would not have recognised state capitalism as a 'socialist' stage, as claimed by Lenin. The Russian Empire - by which term we include the seven members of the Council for Mutual Economic Assurance (Comecon) - was a group of countries which exhibited all the features of capitalism. As scientific socialists, we shall explain what we see as the two main defining characteristics of capitalism and will then proceed to demonstrate that these exist within the Russian Empire. Firstly, capitalism is a system in which wealth takes the form of commodities. i.e. objects produced for sale on the market. Commodity production is not unique to capitalism, but the commodity nature of labour power is.
So, capitalism is defined by the fact that the mental and physical energies of most people have to be sold on the market for a price called a wa…

Make the right choice

Capitalism is maintained and sustained by the credulity and ignorance of its victims, the working class. Not only do the workers produce capitalism's vast wealth but they are conditioned and indoctrinated by the educational process, by the media, and by politicians into believing that there is no alternative to capitalism. Of course, this does not mean that workers are content and approve of the way capitalism functions. Quite the contrary, anger, and alienation are widespread. Resistance and protests against aspects of capitalism are everywhere. The hope of solutions to the anarchy of capitalism is been repeatedly shattered. Today, more and more people see the stark realities of the wages and money system. They face the choice that they live under capitalism with its misery or move forward to socialism.
Socialism can only be brought about by overwhelming democratic consensus. It will involve the rejection of the concept of private or State ownership of society's means of life…

Meet The Glasgow Branch

Glasgow Branch MeetingsWednesday, 20 September  - 7:00pm - 9:00pm Wednesday, 18 October  - 7:00pm - 9:00pm Wednesday, 15 November  - 7:00pm - 9:00pm Wednesday, 20 December  - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Venue: Maryhill Community Central Halls, 304 Maryhill Road, Glasgow G20 7YE Regular meetings of the Glasgow Branch of The Socialist Party of Great BritainEveryone welcome. Common ownership will foster new kinds of relationships between human beings. Women and men will, at last, be free to live life as they choose, to cooperate with each other in building a future in which we will no longer be exploited. A socialist world will only be possible by people behaving in pro-social ways. We do not ask for a fundamental change in human nature. None is needed. Even today, with the market system dominant and people encouraged to look after themselves first, most men and women behave pro-socially when they see someone in need of help. Market forces are forces alien to the best in human nature (human behaviour …

The non-religious majority

The number of Scots who say they are not religious has risen to almost three quarters, according to figures released by Humanist Society Scotland  23.6% said they were religious, while 72.4% said they were not. In 2011 when 56% said they were not religious while 35% said they were. Earlier this year a survey of Scottish Christians found that the number of people who regularly attend church services had fallen by half over 30 years.

Another Fine Mess

Canadian capitalists are worried about the clown in the White House doing harm to NAFTA and have urged Justin Trudeau not to let him.
"What I hear from the business community is for NAFTA to be trilateral," said Perrin Beatty, president and chief executive of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.
Canadian capitalists exported $355 billion in manufactured goods in 2016, with more than 80% going to NAFTA countries, according to the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, (CME). So you can bet they don't want numb nuts wrecking everything for them. Though in the final analysis its capitalism itself that is crazy, not Trump.
One could paraphrase Oliver Hardy, "Capitalism, this is another fine mess you've got yourself into." 
John Ayers.