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Let Us Face the Future

Capitalist production is concerned with the realisation of a profit, not the satisfaction of human needs. No profit — no production, is the criterion, though millions of people are ill-clad, ill-housed and ill-fed. This is something we have said many times, and there are plenty of examples to support our claim.
We need a society which is concerned with the interests of all its members, an alternative to the present world where resources are monopolised by a privileged elite. The Socialist Party seeks a world which is held in common and at the free disposal of all humanity, where the alternative to commodity production for the market is the production of useful wealth directly for human need. The transfer of the world into the hands of all humanity and its conscious democratic control for the human interest is the political aim of the Socialist Party. Our job is to explain to thoughtful and involved individuals that only socialism will liberate mankind's ability to produce a world o…

Stop Being Fooled

In the world today, our fellow-workers are united under no cause whatsoever beneficial to themselves. Because working people consider politics far too complicated, they place trust in others—namely politicians and the government— and remain employed, exploited and enslaved. Capitalism is not a society of unity. It is based on class ownership of the means of life and therefore on class conflict. It cannot be controlled or moulded by politicians or economic experts into something which it is not. It cannot operate in the interests of the majority of its people. It must continue as a chaotic system of poverty, disease and war. All of that is taught to us by experience and by an analysis of capitalism. Capitalism depends on workers selling their labour power for the lowest wage or salary that employers can get away with paying. Workers are educated, trained and conditioned into believing that wage slavery is freely entered into. Unless the working class act to abolish capitalism, the pros…

We All Need Socialism

To save the long-term future for our children and grandchildren, we require a social change. We have to do all that is within our power to give them a future in which they can survive. Fundamental changes in our economic system are needed. Since rapid and fundamental changes are urgently needed to save the future, it is perhaps not an exaggeration to speak of the need for a revolution, but a nonviolent revolution. If we do not work with determination and dedication to save our world for future generations, all of the treasures that past generations have bestowed to us will be lost. Socialism is necessary because everywhere we are faced with the contrast between wealth for a few and the poverty for the many.
The Socialist Party puts forward the alternative society. Socialism will be a society in which the whole of humanity, without distinction of race or sex, will own in common all we use to make and distribute wealth. Common ownership means a society without classes, without privileges…

The world is a divided society

There is massive cynicism and distrust of the system, its inability to provide basic services, its failure to deliver the necessities of life and its unaccountable bureaucracies that rule our lives. After a campaign we are faced with yet the need for another.

Socialism is the socialisation of the means of production and of production and democracy is the means to this end. Socialism without democracy is unthinkable. Nevertheless, democracy occasionally might become unsuitable, or even a hindrance to our aim. It is a question of the conquest of political power. The possibility exists of a socialist party becoming the majority at an election, yet the ruling classes could make use of all the forces still at their command in order to prevent democracy asserting itself. Therefore, it is not by democracy, but only by a political revolution that the workers can conquer the political power. Should a ruling class, under the suppositions here discussed, resort to force, it would do so precisely …


It is quite clear that with production carried on for profit and not for use, with the means of production used, not for the purpose of satisfying human needs but for exploiting human labour in the extraction of surplus value, waste is absolutely essential. The capitalist system involves the persistent production of a mass of commodities which must be got rid of some­how if the wheels are to be kept going around. Thus, under capitalism, wilful waste is the essential corollary of woeful want. There exists waste in every industry, represented by the production and distribution of things which are useless and worse; adulterated and shoddy, made only to sell and to fall to pieces as soon as sold.
Under the capitalist system, with production geared to private profit, society’s resources are squandered in a thousand and one ways. Any High Street demonstrates this, with shops full of goods made more expensive by the duplication of product brands and built-in obsolescence. To combat waste, we…

A Revolutionary Party

The working class are the creators of all wealth in society. Under the rule of the capitalists, there can be no freedom for the workers – only freedom to be exploited as wage slaves. The Socialist Party says plainly that mere reform of our existing society is impossible, or if possible, useless. When the foundation is insecure, and the edifice is crumbling, there is nothing for it but to build anew. We in the Socialist Party are revolutionists, not reformers in that we have no confidence in any measures of amelioration. We shall not throw our lot in with silly or self-seeking charlatans nor waste another moment in considering their contemptible social reforms.The emancipation of the wage-slaves will not fall, like manna, from heaven. Nor yet will they be led into freedom, as into the promised land, by inspired leaders of mankind. The workers will only be freed by those whose interest it is to do so—the workers themselves.
Wherever people work for wages, they have been robbed of the lan…

Labour Lies

The Labour Party was not formed to replace capitalism by socialism, nor has it ever stood for a socialist object. Herbert Morrison repudiated any suggestion of Labour Government wishing to end the profit system. The Labour Party seeks by reform measures to stimulate capitalism while trying to curb its harmful effects. Pledged to retain capitalism, it cannot remove the evils of capitalism. Capitalism’s need for a National Health Service was expressed by all parties standing for capitalism. Nationalisation is not socialism but an expedient of capitalism. Openly capitalist powers have nearly all nationalised where necessary. Despite the efforts of Labour Governments, working class problems remain. Housing and healthcare are sacrificed to bail out the banks and industrial barons. Any politician who is promising a better life soon is dishonest.The Labour Party is not a class party. It does not aim at socialism. The Labour Party works for capitalism. Despite the “bleak” outlook forecasted f…

Bollocks to Insurrection

Elections serves as a barometer of the maturity of the working class. The working class as a class is still capitalistic-minded. Socialists cannot compete with the capitalists on the matter of amelioration of conditions of the workers; to do so means only to sink into the quagmire and quicksands in which the revolutionary outlook is buried. A mish-mash program of makes for confusion instead of clarity. The Left sneer with disdain at “parliamentarianism” and the Socialist Party’s electoral methods. They find education too slow a process. Yet they fail to tell us exactly how their revolution is to be brought about. That is a minor detail to a left-wing romanticist. As far as anyone is able to make out, it is going to be brought about by means of strikes, supplemented by street protests, which they describe as “mass action” or “direct action”. Grass-roots campaigns become the Left’s playthings in the eternal hope that they might trigger a people’s revolt. The slow, plodding processes of e…

The Food Bank Crisis

The number of crisis food parcels being distributed in Scotland is almost double previous estimates, with campaigners predicting a similar increase across the rest of the UK.

Between April 2017 and September 2018, 84 independent food banks across Scotland distributed 221,977 emergency food packages.

Added to existing data from the Trussell Trust, the UK’s largest food bank charity, which works out of 137 food banks in Scotland, the newly-combined figures reveal nearly half a million, at least 480,583, food parcels were distributed by the Trussell Trust and independent food banks during the 18-month period.

Sabine Goodwin, of the Independent Food Aid Network (Ifan), said, “The situation is becoming more and more desperate, and it doesn’t take much imagination to see that this is happening in England and Wales, too. We need action that deals with the root causes of food poverty. We need a social security system that is fit for purpose, and wages that are related to the cost of living.”


End Disempowerment

Our world is full of stark and bewildering contradictions. Governments mock the pledges of liberty, justice and equality. Despair and degradation prevail globally. Poverty and economic insecurity exist alongside extravagance. The capitalist class has one basic goal: to make more and more profits, and they accomplish this by dominating the economics, politics, and cultural life of the country. Employers will throw workers out into the streets to starve, promote violent racism, and build a military arsenal that can destroy the world several times over – anything for profits. This is an irrational and unjust system.
The quality of life is deteriorating. Life does not have to be this way. Exploitation, violence, racism and war strangles our lives. Capitalism thrives on the control of society’s wealth and production – production involving the interconnected efforts of millions of working people. We can improve our lives and society, and we can eliminate exploitation and capitalist injustice…

Our aim is world socialism

The capitalist class deserve from us no more and no less than the same unwavering, undeviating enmity. The main aim of the Socialist Party is to mobilise our fellow-workers to fight against, not appeal to, the capitalists. The aim of the Socialist Party is the revolutionary overthrow of the world’s capitalist class. Every political party defends the interest of one class or another in society. On all questions, in every battle, and the Socialist Party defends the interests of the working class. We stand in solidarity with the struggles of all the workers. Our Party’s role is to educate, organise and mobilise the working class. One of the primary tasks of the Socialist Party is the political education of the working class. Through our agitation and propaganda we explain the true nature of the system that oppresses workers, and the need for socialist revolution. Our task is to bring class consciousness to the working class – the understanding of workers’ historic mission.
The Socialist P…

Killing Communities and Neighbourhoods

A third of banks in Scotland have closed since 2010.610 banks and building societies closed between 2010 and 2018.

Edinburgh south-west had the most bank closures, cutting the network by 135 branches down to a total of 30. Glasgow Central came second, having lost 70, while Edinburgh North and Leith lost 65 and Edinburgh East lost 45. Angus, Dundee West, Falkirk and Paisley and Renfrewshire North all lost 15 branches. Since 2015 RBS has closed the most branches, shutting 158 of the 399 banks that have closed in those three years. Bank of Scotland closed 86, Clydesdale closed 59, Santander closed 38 and TSB closed 35.
Stuart Mackinnon, external affairs manager for the Federation of Small Businesses in Scotland, said "Policymakers need to take action to stop financial institutions removing this infrastructure from our communities."

Brian Sloan, chief executive of Age Scotland, said the "alarming" reduction in banks and free ATMs "disproportionately impacts the lives of…

End Global Warming - End Business-As-Usual

Capitalism threatens mankind with a lethal and unpredictable mixture of global warming droughts and floods, sea level changes loss of forests and crops, all combining to precipitate recurring cycles of famine and conflict. This is the devastating scenario of the breakdown of our ecological system. The planet only supports life because of the delicate and harmonious relationship between eco-systems and carbon dioxide. Fossil fuels – oil, coal and gas – for energy in modem times, together with the destruction of much of the world’s rainforests, has enormously disturbed the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. But today this fine balance is being disturbed and on a massive scale. Anarchic capitalism and the rapacious greed of today’s corporations now threaten humanity with possible extinction.  The Socialist Party has never opposed the spectacular successes science has contributed to society. But under capitalism it has been used and developed in an irrational and unplanned man…

This World of Ours

For years the Socialist Party has pleaded with the workers to organise and take over the entire means of production and distribution. The Socialist Standard, books, pamphlets, leaflets of all kinds were freely circulated, with scanty result. Unheeded, the Socialist Party faced blank indifference. It is not a question of condemning capitalism. Capitalism condemns itself. Capitalism must go is the only hope of the world. The onus is on the Socialist Party to demonstrate in a way that can be understood by fellow-workers that the theories we have so long expounded can be translated into a practical method of producing and distributing the wealth of the nation in such a way as to end forever the exploitation of the many by the privileged few
All the progressive liberal “anti-capitalists”, all of them, accept continued production of commodities for the market and for profit, the existence of an owning class and a working class, and the division of the world into capitalist nation-state compe…

On Population Matters

We are told by many environmentalists, some of the stature of the BBC personality David Attenborough, that society overlooks the need for the world’s people, especially the poorer ones, to restrict or curtail their procreative activities. Study Malthus, abolish all religious superstition about contraception and get down to birth control should be a lesson to all. What they need to tell us is how their population reduction cure for poverty is supposed to operate. Perhaps, they argue that there are too many workers and that a reduction of their number would enable the smaller number to push up wages. An argument that overlooks the fact that under capitalism the number of workers who can get work is not a fixed number, it depends on whether capitalist production is expanding or contracting. The fallacy of the theory of the birth controllers is in supposing that unemployment is a direct result of the size of population in a given area of land, thus ignoring the form of social organisation…

Lothian Socialist Discussion (27/3)

Making Politics Matter
Wednesday, March 27, 7:30 to 9:00 pm
Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh,
17 West Montgomery Place,
Edinburgh EH7 5HA

Today, we find examples of both the left and the right blaming political democracy, or ‘bourgeois democracy’ as they call it, as the cause of the many problems facing people. Some envisage nationalist solutions as in protectionism, the erection of tariff barriers, a sentiment behind the Brexit vote. They blame political democracy and elected politicians for not heeding the popular vote in the referendum. There are those who seek to ‘take back control’ to try to push through a populist and nationalist agenda.
Today’s politics fail, not because the politicians are insincere, corrupt or incompetent (as many indeed are) nor because they are not subject to enough control by those who elected them. It’s because the voters who elected them set an impossible task, that of making the capitalist economic system work in the interest of the majority. This can’t be don…