Saturday, March 30, 2019

We All Need Socialism

To save the long-term future for our children and grandchildren, we require a social change. We have to do all that is within our power to give them a future in which they can survive. Fundamental changes in our economic system are needed. Since rapid and fundamental changes are urgently needed to save the future, it is perhaps not an exaggeration to speak of the need for a revolution, but a nonviolent revolution. If we do not work with determination and dedication to save our world for future generations, all of the treasures that past generations have bestowed to us will be lost. Socialism is necessary because everywhere we are faced with the contrast between wealth for a few and the poverty for the many.

The Socialist Party puts forward the alternative society. Socialism will be a society in which the whole of humanity, without distinction of race or sex, will own in common all we use to make and distribute wealth. Common ownership means a society without classes, without privileges, without different standards of consumption. In socialist society everyone will have free access to the world’s wealth and will stand equally in that respect.

Socialism will be a world community without frontiers. Based on the common ownership and democratic control of the means of production. Articles will be produced, not for sale or profit, but solely for people to use. Within this framework we can clear up once and for all the problems that are built-in to capitalism — the problems of housing, education, transport, health, pollution. racism and the others the orthodox parties and politicians are forever promising to solve. We can create a world of plenty where, as free men and women, we can co-operate to produce an abundance of wealth to which we can have free access according to our needs.

Socialism will produce its wealth for human use instead of for sale. This will make it a society of cooperation instead of competition. There will be no frontiers to divide the world’s people. Socialism will be one world, with one people working together for the commonwealth. Socialism will be an efficient world, in contrast to capitalism, where waste and shoddiness are profitable. For the first time, men and women in socialism will realise their capabilities to the full. Socialism will produce an abundance and at only one standard — the best we are capable of.

The Socialist Party is not another collection of leaders telling you to trust us and promising you almost anything for the sake of winning your vote. No leader can give you socialism, no clever politician can pull you by the nose into the new society. Neither will it happen by accident.

Trying to reform capitalism in this way has proved time and again to be futile. Capitalism is a class society that can work only for those who live off rent, interest and profit.

Socialism must be your work; it needs a conscious political act by the mass of the people, opting for the new society in full knowledge of what it is. It comes to this — only if you understand socialism and want it. Everyone who joins us in the struggle against this pernicious social system is helping to make the life of capitalism shorter and helping to bring about a sane and rational social order.

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