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Revolution! Not Reforms!

We are living in terrifying times. Life is becoming more difficult for many. The causes we have struggled for are being pushed back.

It is the aspiration and aim of the Socialist Party that everyone should become socially conscious and effective in the class war against capitalism. Our goal is one for the working class throughout the world and it is the abolition of class-society itself. It is not a pious hope. But meanwhile, let us clarify our ideas and clearly understand our aims. Socialism means production is carried on for the social good, not for the profit of an exploiting class, not whether capitalists can sell it at a profit for themselves but produce for the needs of the people. Socialism thus revolutionizes the aim of production from production for profitable sale to production for social use. In so doing it frees humanity from the narrow limits of the capitalist economy and embarks upon a totally new era of social evolution. Socialism abolishes the chaos of capitalist produc…

Never Forget the Class Struggle

“Most people look at the world as it is and ask ‘Why?’. We should look at the world as it could be and ask, ‘Why not?’ ”George Bernard Shaw

What kind of world do we want for the future? We want a world where people live in comfort and security, free from fear of poverty, hunger or conflict. We want a world with a new economic system where peoples of all countries have free access to resources, a system which aims instead at meeting the real needs of the human community in balance with the environment. We can choose the future world that we want. We must join together and work together to create it. In the world, as it could be, people would realise that they can collectively shape the future for a better world. 

Socialism, as it was understood by Marx and Engels, would be the creation of a society that would have no need for repression and oppression because it had overcome economic scarcity. Marx and Engels envisaged a society in which the social productive forces had developed to a po…

Building the Party of the Dispossessed

Today, millions of people await the future with apathy, fear or despair. A deep malaise has taken hold of much of society. We are witnessing an obvious tendency towards the increasing bureaucratisation of society, a managerial world of corporate CEOs, issuing life or death directives. The world we live and struggle in confronts us with a paradox. Conditions exist which should result in a very favourable ground for socialist activity. Yet a real socialist movement does not exist. There is discontent stirring among our fellow-workers, particularly as their living standards fall. Yet at the same time, there is widespread despondency. The media spreads the idea of capitalism is the only alternative.

Even though science and technology have made great advances, bringing new marvels the outcome is the threat of mass unemployment, environmental destruction and the ever-present menace of war. Science and technology have no power independent of the social groups who invented them, apply them, an…

The Impossiblist Task

The decline of the impossiblist tradition of socialism – and it would be frivolous to deny this decline or minimise its extent – has led to its premature burial. Marx and Engels declared previous varieties of socialism to be “utopian” not because they anticipated a class-free, wage-free, money-free society, but because they failed to realise that such a society is possible only on the foundation of highly developed technology, which alone permits a life of leisure and plenty. To argue that to aspire to a free access society is utopian is an absolutist dogma. It assumes the continued existence of the capitalist market society to be inevitable. In a socialist society there will still be a wide range of talent, skills, and achievement, but in such a society there would not be economic exploitation of class by class. Because the true concern of the Socialist Party is fixed on achieving socialism its only legitimate form of activity in the existing order is preparing for the revolution. Th…

Who Will Change our World?

Is there hope for our planet, given that humanity is on the edge of an abyss due to global climate change?  The world is at serious risk of collapsing ecosystems, which can happen with remarkable suddenness and without warning. But sadly, it is patently obvious the public is not nearly as concerned with global warming as humanity's looming apocalypse warrants.

The planet will survive climate change. Life on Earth will survive climate change, although many species may not. Human beings will survive it, too, although many people may not and many more will experience needless suffering. Since the Industrial Revolution, the world has experienced historically unprecedented levels of growth, with capitalism raising the standard of living of many ye at the same time, capitalism has generated immense contradictions such as brutal exploitation of labour, the looting of natural resources, and has created huge inequalities and gross social injustice.  means the division of society into two …

What we call socialism

The alternative to the present capitalist system of profit-seeking and monetary accumulation involves:

1.the absence of any property rights, private or state, over natural and industrial resources needed for production;
2.the existence of a non-coercive democratic decision-making structure;
3.the guaranteed access for all to what they need to satisfy their needs;
4.the orientation of production towards the direct satisfaction of real needs in a flexible and self-regulating way without the intervention of money and buying and selling;
5.the organisation of work as a voluntary service under the democratic control of those working in the various productive units.

We call this system “socialism”, but it is the content, not the name, that is important. It obviously has nothing in common with the previous existing state capitalist regime of the Soviet Union nor of China or proposals for state control (nationalisation) by the Left which is often erroneously called “socialist”. The means by which…

Socialism - The Solidarity Economy

The class division of the capitalism we live under is not a supposition but a fact; and the Labour Party is not going to abolish the class system, its class division, and class privilege. What they offer instead to any who do not see through the subterfuge, is to blur the class lines by stopping labelling employers and investors as the capitalist class, and justify privilege by saying that it is committed to social mobility. This will be satisfactory to the capitalists and their hangers-on, political and managerial, but what is there in it for the workers?

Fellow workers, when will you realise that you need not go short of anything that you, collectively, are capable of producing? Between the present extremes of wage-slaves, who can afford little more than the bare necessities of a working life, and capitalists, whose wealth finds expression in idle and extravagant luxury, lies the possibility of all people having their reasonable needs satisfied. This entails the abolition of capita…

No Christmas Joy

Action for Children said a decade of austerity “has caused almost unrecognisable levels of poverty” in Scotland’s communities and a shocking number of children will be deprived of basics such as warm winter clothing, fresh food or celebrations this Christmas. The charity cited official government figures suggesting 100,000 Scottish children aged 10 or below are in families with low incomes and material deprivation. Paul Carberry, Action for Children’s director for Scotland, revealed the charity’s frontline services have seen a 30% rise in families seeking financial advice in the last three years. He said: “Every day our staff see first-hand the impossible choices that families living in practically Dickensian levels of poverty have to make. Our services are helping thousands of families keep their heads above water through budgeting, providing a meal or making sure they get help from foodbanks.” Carberry said, “Inequalities in health and life-expectancy remain as prevalent and after a dec…

The Future Belongs to the People

Capitalism is not an abstraction, it is a concrete force. To understand socialism, one must necessarily understand that under capitalism, society is divided into hostile classes: an owning capitalist class, whose members have ownership of the various parts of the instruments of wealth production. A working class, whose members possess nothing but their labour power, which is useless to the worker unless he can have access to the raw material and the machinery of production, which is owned by the capitalist class. This being so, the worker, in order to live, must sell his or her labour power to the capitalist.

 Our immediate demand is not to tinker and dicker about with the capitalist system. The social revolution is no longer an aspiration of the future; it is a fact our immediate demand. Through revolutionary parliamentary action the working class meets the capitalists in a  political class struggle, and parliamentary action actively promotes the general revolutionary struggle organis…

A Clarion Call

The time has come for revolutionists to make a statement of their principles in order to interest their fellow-workers in the class struggle which is the fight for economic and social emancipation and the abolition of class rule. The idea of class-conscious resistance against capitalist exploitation has recently been gaining ground. The quickened industrial strife, the rise in the cost of living and the worsening of working conditions have fanned the discontent always existing within the masses.  Help raise the banner of the social revolution and to free ourselves from capitalism.

There is a need for angry denunciations of capitalism. But there is also a need for inspiration, for a vision of the socialist goal. With capitalism, the class war is never calm for very long. We are always being told by politicians and the media that the capitalist class are the “Captains of Industry” without whom none of us could survive for long. However, they always remain silent on the embarrassing quest…

A History of the Dispossessed

An interesting review in the Guardian of Tom Devine’s history of the Highland Clearances.
“...Clan chiefs in the Highlands were happy enough to have large populations at various points, especially during the Napoleonic wars. Devine demolishes the idea that Highlanders were by nature more martial than people in other parts of the UK. It was simple economics: the clan chiefs behaved as military entrepreneurs, providing recruits at a price. When the war ended and demand for soldiers fell, they looked for alternative sources of income. Sheep farming was one, and that meant clearing the land. Devine is fair-minded, acknowledging landlords and chiefs who tried to devise ways to keep people, but they were in a small minority. ‘Coercion was employed widely and systematically,’ he concludes.”

What The Socialist Party Stands For

Most people believe that things would be better and life would be easier if only prices were reduced. This is a complete illusion, a failure to understand how capitalism works. To start with nobody actually wants all prices to be reduced: what they all want is that the prices of the things they buy should be reduced and the prices of the things they sell kept as they are or increased. This includes the workers, none of whom want to see a reduction of their wages —which also are prices, the prices at which they sell their mental and physical energies (their labour power) to the employers. 

The workers also want “full employment”. Here they come up against the cruel truth about capitalism. The employers have paid off hundreds of thousands of workers because at present selling prices and costs of production (including wages) they cannot make a profit. If they saw the prospect of a profit they would re-engage them to-morrow. From the employers’ point of view, the solution lies in raising t…