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A Change of Politics

The members of the Socialist Party are frequently beseeched by the Left to join in some sort of anti-capitalist alliance. They endeavour to convince us with siren-songs that such a coalition against capitalism would bear fruit, either by driving the non-socialists out of the Labour Party like weeds or providing the shoots of a new “socialist” party, glibly offering popular reforms. The life-cycle of such developments can be charted in close connection with the recurring crises within capitalism born and re-born with each succeeding economic crisis. In all their incarnations, they have remained a reformist movement in body and spirit, hoping to politicalise workers and recruit them into their ranks. Even at their most radical, the political platform does not transgress the boundaries of that are built into the capitalist system. Armed with their reform programs, the Leftists vainly storm the citadels of the capitalist class to extract as many concessions and reforms as they can. Occasi…

Industrial Despotism or Industrial Democracy.

The capitalists class are a menace to humanity. Capitalists perform no useful function in society. The Socialist Party is the only party that stands against the present system. All forms of capitalist interest, rent and profit is a rake-off from industry and is sheer robbery. It is the only party that boldly avows itself the party of the working class and its purpose the overthrow of wage-slavery.So long as the present system of capitalism prevails, the toiling masses will be struggling in the hell of poverty as they are today. The Socialist party is absolutely the only party which faces conditions as they are and declares unhesitatingly for socialism. Private ownership has had its day. The Socialist Party stands for common ownership and co-operation. The workers who have made the world and who support the world, are preparing to take possession of the world. This is the meaning of socialism and is what the Socialist Party stands for. We demand the machinery of production in the name …

Revolution – Our Only Future!

The workers have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to gain. Workers of the world—unite!This is the world of competition, of exploitation, of production for profit.  Hunger, disease, and death stalk all peoples. This is the capitalist world. Capitalism outlived its usefulness long ago. It is no longer capable of progress, of raising the standards of living of the people. Capitalism is only capable of guaranteeing new wars, mass unemployment, and misery.
Under capitalism the production of wealth is carried on for profit. The desire for profits is the motive force which drives the capitalist class to use its capital in the production of wealth. In order to secure profits the workers must be exploited. Part of the product of their labour must be turned over to the capitalist class in the shape of dividends and interest. The task falls to the Socialist Party to take the anger and the hatred that our fellow workers have toward the capitalist system and arm them with a deep …

A belated message from the Socialist Party's EC

The aim of the Labour Party programme is to improve the conditions of the workers without destroying the private ownership of the means of wealth production and distribution (land, factories, railways, etc.) and without transforming them into the common property of the whole community under democratic control.
The only solution for the problems of the working class is Socialism. This is the urgent question of the day. In this country, only the Socialist Party of Great Britain is organised and carried on solely for the direct, unceasing fight for Socialism. Only the S.P.G.B. is deserving of the support of the working class...
...If the S.P.G.B. were willing to sacrifice its Socialist principles and independence by soliciting support and votes on a programme of reforms, it would at once be able to overcome the obstacle. It would be able, like the so-called “Labour” parties, to gain a large membership and apparent strength. That growth would not, however, help forward the Socialist movemen…

Is the Red Flag Flying?

We are living in serious times. Grave events will test the socialist movement.  Only those who have thought out their principles and know how to hold to them firmly will be able to sustain themselves in such times. One of the biggest questions confronting humankind in trying to understand its own destiny and evolution. Our movement, the movement of socialism, judges things and people from a class point of view.  Capitalist disasters are all around us, clear to see. Yet most people believe capitalism is the best system we’ve got. Before they oppose capitalism, they want to know what is to be put in its place? There is an alternative way of running society. It is called socialism. However for many on the Left, socialism is not a society too different from capitalism, but rather, a form of capitalism in which the working class has achieved a higher status It is, as Engels once mocked, "the present-day society without its defects."Socialism is not government ownership or contro…

Social Revolution

We live in a society racked with crises. This society can neither guarantee them a secure future nor even promise there will be a future. The threat of nuclear war casts a shadow over the lives of all of us. This society places a premium on wealth. The vast majority of our people work out their lives for the enrichment of the small minority of profiteers who own the bulk of the economy and through their wealth control the entire society. The economy staggers from one recession to another, increasing an unending drive against the rights of labour, all these are hallmarks of the "system" we live under. The system is capitalism. Under it a small minority rule in fact if not in name, and profit is the be-all and end-all of economic life; human needs comes not-at-all.

Hunger and deprivation in the midst of plenty is the distinguishing mark of the capitalist system of production. Capitalism is long on promises, short on performance so that there is forever the recurring contradicti…

It’s their system, not ours!

There presently existsa lack of theoretic preparation for the day when the people can actually abolish capitalism. We are talking about the person who wishes to see another world, but thinks it can come about, if at all, by simply doing away with bosses, or paying everyone the same amount, or whatever political, legal, and administrative reform measures they have been led to believe can accomplish the redistribution of power and wealth and can really make their lives better. TheLeft tends to reinforce naive confuse visions of anti-capitalism, instead of providing theoretical clarity.A new human society cannot emerge through spontaneous action alone. People need to know not just what to be against, but what to be for, not just “what is to be done,” but what is to be undone––what is it exactly that must be changed in order to have a viable and emancipatory socialism?Unfortunately, this issue receives almost no attention.They have not attempted to remake society totally.
The source of ca…

Edinburgh Branch Meeting (1/3)

Edinburgh Branch Thursday, 1 March

The Quaker Hall,

Victoria Terrace (above Victoria Street),
Edinburgh EH1 2JL

The Socialist Party stands for the sole aim of establishing a global system of society in which there will be common ownership and democratic control of the world's natural and industrial resources. We advocate a world social system in which each person has free access to the benefits of civilisation and an equal say in how their society is run; a world in which production is freed from the artificial constraints of profit and used for the benefit of all.  The basis of socialism is there will be common ownership of the Earth. The people of the world will share the world. Wealth will be produced not for sale or profit, but solely to satisfy human needs. This means the end of buying and selling and all the other financial and commercial institutions like money, prices, wages and banks. People will co-operate to produce an abundance of wealth from which they can take fr…

Gutter politics

There are many reasons why socialists want a complete change in the basis of society. Capitalism corrupts everything it touches. In this society the cash nexus is everything. Capitalism is a society based on class ownership, exploitation, and the profit motive. capitalism is in its biggest crisis since the Great Depression. This means that wealth is returning to its ‘rightful owners’, the capitalist class; the workers, meanwhile, must make do with austerity. To talk of ethics in such a society is nonsensical. But it’s not just that things are bad. People are also losing confidence that things will get any better: a growing majority do not think their children will end up better off than they are, for example. It is this growing majority of disaffected working-class people who are looking for answers. And unless they look very hard indeed, beyond the mainstream media, the only answers they’re hearing are coming from the rising right-wing populists with their superficial appeal thatproc…

The system is rotten!

We say of the miner that he produces coal, of the baker that he or she produces bread, but such is not the case. They assist each other in the production of coal and bread and are at the same time dependent upon the balance of the workers for their equipment and materials. Before the miner goes down into the earth his fellow workers in every line of human endeavour have co-operatively labored to supply him with house, food, furniture, clothing, tools, powder, etc.; so that in the mining of coal all of the workers assist him. They do not go to the coal-face, but he could not go there without them. The mining of coal is, therefore, a social function in which all the workers participate. What the miner does is to perform the last social act necessary to transform the natural deposit into usable shape. But the coal is not yet produced—coal is not mined to be used by the miners, it is intended to warm some home or furnish power to some industry—other workers follow the miner to complete pr…

Who owns the North Pole? - A "Polar Silk Road"

It has been a long while since this blog returned to this once regular feature bt the issue of the Arctic has not gone away.

China now describes itself as a "near-Arctic state".

"The Arctic situation now goes beyond its original inter-Arctic States or regional nature, having a vital bearing on the interests of States outside the region and the interests of the international community as a whole, as well as on the survival, the development, and the shared future for mankind," a Chinese white paper said.

China wants to make sure its point of view is reflected in the region, through involvement in Arctic governance and by shaping its agenda. China wants to be included in economic benefits here, that is the reason for their involvement even if they do not possess legitimate geographical reasons to be considered a member of the region. China is able to provide financing for Arctic countries, their activities, and expeditions.

The country entered into joint ventures with Rus…

Lanarkshire's Age "Problem"

A demographic age time bomb is primed to go off across Lanarkshire – as the number of people aged over 75 is set to rocket over the next two decades. Life expectancy is continuing to increase dramatically over the region according to NHS Lanarkshire, placing a “great strain” on resources. In 20 years, it is projected that there will be 35,600 more people aged over 75 – a rise of 71 per cent. The interim director of public health, Gabe Docherty, who said: “People are living longer which is fantastic. However, many are living with a range of long-term conditions which is placing great strain on our health and social care services. In these times of increasing demand and of fewer resources, we all need to look at how we use services.” A further health divide is also exposed across the county, with life expectancy higher in South Lanarkshire than in North Lanarkshire. Men in the north can expect to live for 75.3 years, while the figure for the south is 77. Women in the north are likely t…

Wealthy Cities

According to new research undertaken by Zoopla analysing property values in the UK’s ten largest cities, Glasgow ranked behind London and Bristol in first and second place respectively.

Glasgow had a huge value of £90.75 billion and its annual percentage growth in the value of homes sat at 5.38% – the second highest growth numbers behind Sheffield. Edinburgh was sixth, with the value at a total £68.27bn and a steady annual growth of 4.04%. In Glasgow, G12, which includes the West End and Glasgow University, has a total property value of £4.27bn.  EH4 in Edinburgh, which includes Dean Village and Comely Bank, has a total value of £8.61bn.

For peace, prosperity and plenty for all!

The "spectre of communism" still haunts the world's bosses. The battle between bosses and workers rages everywhere. One class—the capitalist class—owns and controls the social necessaries, to wit: the economic resources of the world. That class, for its own protection and perpetuation in power, subjects all institutions to its own interests. On the other hand, there is a class—the working class—which is eventually to change the whole system of ownership of the means of production.Workers are beginning to realise that in the constructive work for the future they have to learn the facts of past evolutions and revolutions. And from these facts, expressed in theories, they find the guide for the course that they have to pursue in their struggle for the possession of the earth, and the goods that they alone have created. 
The Socialist Party does not oppose trade union struggles or refuse to participate in them. It is very essential to organise workers and help them to fight f…