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Fake Solutions and False Signs

The Socialist Party differs from most anarchists with its insistence that the working class can only abolish the State by first capturing control of it. Therefore, the working class requires organisation on the political field and the Socialist Party engages in electoral activity and contests elections. The ballot box permits the possibility for the peaceful reconstruction of society. A socialist political party has but one thing to do upon winning control of the political machine, and that is to abolish all political forms of power, including abolition of the socialist political party itself, without delay. Our aim is truly a class-free society that must also be state-free with no coercive power that is distinct from and ruling over the population. What the alternative system self-management will vary in form and depend upon circumstances but will mainly consist of delegates elected by the people in their communities and their work-places. Socialism is possible only if the working c…

Socialism will change our way of life

Standing in the way of social progress and socialism is the capitalist class. The ruling class is composed of the owners and CEOs of the huge multinational corporations that control the economic life of the planet. They control the destinies of billions around the globe. The capitalist class is a powerful enemy and it will require protracted efforts to overthrow it. But there is a potentially much more powerful force opposing them: the unity of the vast majority of working people. 
The working class is the class that is most systematically and brutally exploited by capitalism, and is the most revolutionary class. The working class is composed of all wage earners – mental and manual, urban and rural – whether in basic industry, manufacturing, service, farm, sales, domestic, clerical, public, or other jobs. The working class is composed of skilled and unskilled, employed and unemployed. The vast majority of people belong to the working class. The working class produces the wealth appro…

Glasgow Doldrums

Its annual “happiness index” asks thousands of Scots how happy or unhappy they are in their local communities, before assigning them a score between -100 and +100, with zero being neutral.

People living in Glasgow have the lowest levels of happiness in Scotland. The average happiness level in Glasgow was just 38.5, leaving the nation’s biggest city lagging a long way behind the Highlands and Islands, which topped the table on 55.6.

Scots with a household income of more than £60,000 were by far the most happy, with an average score over eight points higher than those on between £40,000 and £60,000.

Defend Civilisation from Capitalism

Keep capitalism and we'll face the certain prospect of further environmental destruction, new wars, mass hunger - the graveyard of civilisation. Ourworld is a world of economic exploitation, inequalities, lack of political freedoms, material emptiness, a world of misery, hunger, hatred, war and fear. Old problems are joined by new ones. 

Capitalism poisons our lives everyday. 

Capitalism is running riot throughout the land. The private ownership of the means of production is doing its deadly work. The millions of wage-earners do not own themselves, they are wage-slaves, and their masters control their lives and subject them to conditions as degrading as those which existed in times of chattel slavery. 

Capitalism, the rule of the rich minority, is the enemy. This alone should suffice to condemn this system in the eyes of every one concerned with the salvation of the human race.

Capitalism is destroying itself and from its ruins will rise the cooperative commonwealth. 

Socialism is the …

Glasgow Branch Meeting (17/7)

July 17, 7:00 pm Maryhill Community Central Halls, 304 Maryhill Road, Glasgow G20 7YE
We, the working class, run the world for the benefit of our capitalist masters. Why not run it for ourselves?
The political and labour leaders who are constantly exhorting or cajoling you, do not possess superior brains. In fact, the opposite. It's obvious, that they are merely parroting the things that reflect the interests of their capitalist bosses.
We, the working class, run a complicated, world-wide economic system, from top to bottom. But then we give the bulk of the wealth we create and distribute to the small minority who own the means of wealth production—the land, factories, transport, etc.
There exists a constant struggle between you and your employer over your wages and working conditions. Never would you dare to think that as wealth is produced from the resources of nature, by the application of human labour-power, it should wholly belong to those who, as a social class, produce it. In o…

'Something now'

The Socialist Party is concerned with the future of the whole of humanity. To save humanity, a different system is needed, one based on cooperation where there will be production for use not profit, and democratic self-management of all aspects of society. Only a few of all fellow-workers are for this now and in fact there is an actual growth of authoritarian, nationalist, populism world-wide and but they vote for right-wing political parties but it is for the World Socialist Movement to fight for this goal. The only way out is struggle and we, the working class, must organise. We must build solidarity across borders to defeat the power of global capitalism. We have to build a movement that has the power to create a better world. We can make a socialist revolution to overthrow capitalism worldwide. We must rebuild the imagination of the working class and combat the capitalist narrative that has made it easier for us to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism. Emancipat…

Socialism triumphs at the ballot box.

Men and women heed this: Mankind is literally in a race towards catastrophe. Recessions, mass misery, mental breakdown, corruption, the terrible threat of climate change and possible annihilation in nuclear war -- are signs of the instability of capitalist society. Such are the irreconcilable contradictions of the obsolete system of capitalism. But as obsolete and inhumane as it is, the capitalists want to preserve it. 
Each new advance in labour-displacing technology (automation, Artificial Intelligence and robotics) further widens the gap between what the workers produce and what their wages will buy, thus hastening the onset of economic crisis and deepening its intensity. Defenders of capitalism say "new technology makes jobs." But as production is concentrated in highly automated plants, the cruel and devastating effects of automation on workers' jobs become apparent. These are the grim realities of capitalism. And all that the capitalists and their politicians can d…

The Declaration of Arbroath.

The Declaration of Arbroath is to go on display next year. It will go on show at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh from 27 March 27 to 26 April 2020 to commemorate the 700 years of its signing. Stirring patriotic stuff yet after 1320, the Declaration of Arbroath was quickly forgotten and only resurfaced in 1680 when it becomes influential, not as an expression of nationalism, but to support those who sought to curtail royal power. It was only later that the Declaration of Arbroath came to be seen in more nationalistic terms. Scotland in 1320 was a very different country to the Scotland we know today and therefore we should not give to a medieval mind-set the interpretations of a modern age. So what did the signatories of the document actually mean by "we" and "freedom"? The "we" who attached their seals to the document were all noblemen. And it was their freedom that the authors of the Arbroath declaration were solely concerned about. Certainly n…

Socialism - "Associations of free and equal producers."

The Socialist Party declares class-war upon the wages system which cheats and enslaves working people, which makes the rich richer, and the poor poorer. We are the working class. Without us, nothing could happen, be produced, nothing grown or harvested, nothing fixed or invented. We must work for our living or suffer the consequences. As a class, as a community and as a people, we share the same basic needs and basic desires: to live in & be part of a healthy, peaceful and humane society. We must recognise capitalism as the fundamental cause of our social ills, and that the institutions it rests on must be replaced by social democracy where we work and where we live. 
For the first time in decades, dire economic and environmental conditions call into question the old assumptions about capitalism's ability to redeem or 'reform itself' . workers are robbed by the capitalists who buy their labour power for wages and who appropriate the product of their labour. Wages are …

Tax Fairness!.

Nearly a trillion dollars were moved by Canadian corporations to offshore places, including tax havens, through legal tax avoidance schemes in 2016. They moved as much as $25 billion from domestic tax coffers, according to a new study by the Parliamentary Budget Office. These findings which were released on June 19, by the Canada Revenue Agency that said uncollected taxes are about $26 billion each year. The PBO analysis focuses on legal tax avoidance, while the CRA focuses on illegal tax evasion. Together, the two studies suggest Canada is missing out as much as $51 billion in uncollected taxes annually. 

To quote, Toby Sanger, of Canadian's for Tax Fairness,'' Canadians are being robbed of investments to health care, child care, education and green infrastructure, all of which the government could afford if it were to get serious about cracking down on tax avoidance.'' 

The SPC have always said the capitalist class pays the brunt of taxes to administrate capitalism…

Capitalism. “Conducive to Good Mental Health”??

On May 29th an all-party committee in Ottawa issued a report on the metal health issues facing Canada's farmers, many of whom are regular working joes. 
The report, based on testimony from producers, mental health experts, and government officials, said farmers struggle with many problems, such as market volatility, debt, long work days, the effects of climate change, loneliness, intimidation, cyber-bullying and threats from people who take issue with their occupations and practices. The committee made ten recommendations, including, ''Ensuring the government considers and mitigates any potential impacts from new policies on the wellbeing of agricultural producers.'' 

That's what I like about capitalism - it’s so conducive to good mental health.

Yours for Socialism, 
SPC contributing members . . .

Capitalism is the Cause, Socialism is the Solution

Today, thanks to capitalism, society stands divided into two distinct conflicting classes. Over two centuries of economic development under a system based on competition and production for private profit have divided society into a majority class of propertyless workers who must sell their labour power to survive, and a tiny minority class that owns and controls the means of life, lives off the labour of the majority and exercises virtual monopoly control over the reins of government. Through its control of the State and its coercive power, the capitalist ruling class subjects the rest of society to its private interest. At its behest, laws are written and workers are marched off to jail for any signs of opposition. With no solutions to its system and the problems it breeds, all the capitalist class can do is increase its political stranglehold and circumscribe individual rights and liberties. Politicians of all stripes jump at the opportunity to shore up capitalist rule.
The theft of …