Saturday, December 14, 2019

Money Is More Important Than People's Health!

Hundreds of thousand Canadians are drinking tap water laced with high levels of lead leaching from aging and deteriorating pipes. A year long investigation by 120 journalists from nine universities and ten media organizations including the Toronto Star and the Institute for Investigative Journalism, collected test results that measured exposure to lead in 11 cities across Canada. Out of 12,000 tests since 2014, 33 per cent exceeded the national safety guideline of 5 parts per billion. Before this investigation, in 2008 a toxicology report from Toronto Public Health, estimated that 10,560 children in the city were at risk of high lead levels in their blood from lead plumbing. This was the last time the city conducted such an analysis. Health Canada recommends lead testing in residential areas, but B.C. and Alberta don't require municipalities to do so. 

During consultations with Health Canada's officials many provincial politicians complained about what it would cost them to conduct tests at residences and schools. Manitoba said it would be, ''A significant burden''

So whatever the situation, money is always more important than people's health. 

So much for crapitalism's priorities.

for Socialism – SPC GAC

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