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Falling Pay

Many workers in Scotland could honestly say they are not making as much as they did last year. A lack of wage rises means pay packets are failing to keep pace with growing inflation - the result being a real term cut in earnings.

The impact of pay freezes across many private sector firms, and the well-documented row over the public sector pay cap, is seen in the latest official figures on earnings north of the Border. They reveal the median, or typical, gross salary in Scotland for all employees as of April 2017 was £23,150.

From 2016-17, salaries for all employees in Scotland grew by one per cent, which meant a 1.6 per cent fall in real terms.

Over the year salaries for full-time employees in Scotland grew by 1.5 per cent, which was a 1.1 per cent fall in real terms.

The social democracy movement

There have always been people curious about what the future holds and other people are willing, for due reward, to satisfy that curiosity. Prophets, astrologers, and psychics claim some special power of prediction. Nowadays politicians now employ economists and scientists to foretell the future. What can we expect for the future? The answer is simple. Within the prevailing class-divided society there can be no paradise, only a parasite/host mode of existence for capitalist and working class respectively.
Capitalism is a system of society in which the wealthy property-owner lives without working if he so wishes, and the poverty-stricken worker toils to provide the wealth of the propertied class. If the working class want to abolish war, if they want to get rid of the poverty which degrades and distorts their lives, they can do so. Sentiment is a fine thing. But it is no substitute for knowledge. Sentiment by itself is a fine ally of our masters, for it does not need education and study.…

Scotland's Child Poverty

One-fifth of children in Scotland live in families that are in poverty and cannot afford basic necessities, new figures show.

20% of children in Scotland live in families which are both classified as having limited resources - meaning they have low incomes, defined as having 70% of middle income - and also live in material deprivation, so cannot afford basics such as being able to repair or replace a broken kettle.

Children in Glasgow were more likely to live in families with limited resources than the rest of Scotland, with 41% of youngsters affected.

The report shows children are more likely than the Scottish average to live in families with limited resources if they live in a single parent household (42%), have three or more siblings (39%), live with a disabled adult (32%) and if no or only one adult in the home works (67%).

Living in a rented home and in a deprived area both mean children have a higher likelihood than the Scottish average of being in poverty, with 53% of those in soci…

The Socialist Party aims for socialism

The Socialist Party primarily concern itself with pointing out the defects of present-day society and advocating the replacing of the capitalist system by the common ownership and democratic administration of the means of production and distribution. The success of the socialist movement and the rapidity of its progress will depend very largely upon the method of education and the political tactics of the Socialist Party to bring about the cooperative commonwealth. The political policy of the Socialist Party is essentially constructive. There is no place in the socialist movement for the insurrectionists or the opportunists who seize upon the trade union movement not because it is an economic tool to maintain for the workers a higher standard of existence than that which they would enjoy if they were completely disorganised but as an economic weapon to replace political action. Socialism does not advance necessarily in response to or because of great industrial distress. These crises…

The struggle of all against all.

The problem that socialists set themselves up to resolve is the separation between the means of production and the producers. The factories in the hands of the workers despite lives spent in useless sacrifice. The workers are excluded from the riches they create. Under the system of non-possession of the property-less working class of the instruments with which they work, all progress, no matter what its nature, is turned against them, making greater their misery, their slavery; accentuating the insecurity of their existence; in a word: making unavoidable their exploitation—their robbery.
We hear “profit sharing” much spoken of as a remedy to heal all social sores, to reconcile labour and capital. If the cure were applicable, profit sharing would only remove the field of battle to a conflict over the profits to be shared. But without insisting on this point, in urging the worker to produce the most possible, it would only oblige him to do in two days the work of three, concluding conse…

Homo homini Deus - “Man is a god to man”.

The Socialist Party is made up of working men and women. We are organised to overthrow the system that breeds overwork and underpayment. Millions have the greatest difficulty in keeping the wolf from the door, owing to the smallness and uncertainty of the wages they obtain. There is no question we live in a world of widening inequality. The majority of us struggle day to day while the rich get ever richer. Politicians have done virtually nothing to improve the lot of ordinary folk who work for a living. The owning class is necessarily the ruling class. It dictates legislation and it has it construed to its own interest. The Socialist Party is a revolutionary party as its basic demand is the common ownership of the means of production and distribution and the operation of all industry in the interest of all the people. This will mean an economic democracy. Economic freedom can result only from common ownership, and upon this vital principle the Socialist Party differs diametrically fro…

Capitalism’s war is against life itself.

The Socialist Party looks at war in a fundamentally different way from other political persuasions. We contend that war in the modern world is caused by the workings of capitalism with its struggles over trade, investments, oil and other resources. The workers of the world have an identity of interests and have nothing at stake in the thieves’ quarrels of their masters. The working class owns no country. None of the resources are theirs; they have nothing to fight for and everything to gain by uniting to end the system that enslaves them and produces wars and other terrible problems. To cover up its slaughter, capitalism has always raised the cry of freedom. Wage-slavery is capitalism’s freedom for the working class. The Socialist Party rejects the plea of the “left" that the nationalist ambitions of the native ruling class are worth dying for. This amounts to workers killing each other to determine who shall be their future exploiters. Nationalism is a divisive anti-working clas…

Think mutual aid

Many of us are working harder and longer just to maintain a roof over our heads and provide food on the table for our families.   We are trapped by capitalism and its buying and selling culture, an economic system fueled by accumulation and competition.
Many of us may want a new society where profit is not prioritised over people and planet. The capitalist mindset separates people from nature, 
The desire for change comes from those who are dissatisfied that are simply struggling to survive and aspire to a decent life.  But many remain skeptical that such an alternative world is possible. But we cannot "repair" and inherently rotten system. We must replace it. Standards of living for waged and unwaged are under attack as the crisis exposes the true nature of the exploitative capitalist system.Capitalism threatens the world through war and the destruction of the environment.
To spread our vision of what is possible, and to inspire others to seek a world as it could be is about …

There is an alternative – people power.

The iron heel of capitalist oppression stomps upon us all. Capitalism is a fragmented, vicious and secretive world of internecine greed and strife. Socialism is a human family of equals
Advocating socialism is the work of socialists and only those. The Labour Party does not accept the principles of socialism. That is why it was left to us to do. The Labour Party does not stand for working-class principles, and is, therefore, not the party of the workers. Outside the Socialist Party, there are undoubtedly very many men and women who, while agreeing with the fundamental principles upon which the Party is based, yet, for one reason or another, cannot see their way to come inside and help within the organisation itself. There is a danger of our developing into beings whose sole idea is how to lessen hours of labour, how to obtain better conditions of life, and not much more. Something more than this, however, is needed. We would appeal to all men and women in sympathy with the aims and me…

Socialism is possible

The Socialist Party does not rely upon imagination for the evidence against the existing social order. Never in the world's history has any system been so effectively damned. The workers pile up wealth in heaps and then starve while our practical and brainy masters simply tell us that things should remain the same. No matter what party administers capitalism the basis of the system remains the same. All kinds of excuses are given to the workers for this state of affairs.The fact of the matter is that no political party which aspires to administer the present system has any solution or can have any solution to the class conflict. The workers suffer poverty because they do not own the means of wealth production. The only logical remedy for such a state of affairs is that they shall become the owners; but that involves the destruction of existing property rights, the taking away from the master-class of their economic privileges. The Socialist Party is the only party which bases its …

Scottish Polluters

Mossmorran is the third biggest emitter of green house gases in Scotland, latest official figures have revealed. Only the Petroineos plant at Grangemouth and Longannet coal powered fire station at Kincardine - which closed in March 2016 - were responsible for releasing higher quantities of CO2 for the same period. The ExxonMobil run NGL (natural gas liquids) fractionation plant hit a 14-year high for carbon dioxide emissions in 2016, pumping more than 885,580 tonnes of Co2 into the atmosphere. There has also  been a rise in carbon dioxide emissions from the Mossomorran plant of more than 25 per cent in just four years since 2013 James Glen, chairman of Mossmorran Action Group, a voluntary organisation representing several communities close to the site, told the Press the operators had still to address a number of concerns the public had raised. “There are serious concerns about the impact to the environment and air quality as well as to the effect the plant’s emissions is having on the h…

Women in society

The much-vaunted freedom for most women is largely a myth, and women are only taking the position that capitalism assigns to them. The question of women’s freedom resolves itself into exactly the same problem as that of the men. Socialists argue from the basic fact that capitalism's private property relationships and class division are the cause of the oppression of both men and women. 
For the materialist, there is no blanket exploitation of women by men. The subordination of one sex to another was coincident with the division of society into classes. Prior to the beginning of civilisation - the period of written history — there existed primitive communist societies in which nobody was afforded superior status. The period from primitive communism to the beginning of civilisation saw the growth of taboos, first on child-parent relationships and then on those between brother and sister, culminating in the 'pairing' family. Monogamy, however, arose as a consequence of socia…