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There are no solutions within the capitalist system!

Capitalism, the private ownership of the means of production, is responsible for the insecurity of subsistence, the poverty, misery, and degradation of the ever-growing majority of our people; but the same economic forces which have produced and now intensify the capitalist system will necessitate the adoption of socialism, the common ownership of the means of production for the good and welfare of all. The present system of social production and private ownership converted society into two antagonistic classes — i.e., the capitalist class and the propertyless class. Capitalism sharply divides society into two classes, the propertied and the propertyless, master and slave, owner and owned, employer and employed. There are those who imagine that when the working class succeed to power they will at once proceed to subjugate, enslave, and exploit some other class. This has been the history of the past. It is not true of the present socialist movement and in this very important respect th…

1889: The Glasgow dockers' go-slow

A brief history of the strike of Glasgow dockers in 1889 which was proving fruitless, until they returned to work and began a go-slow or "working ca'canny". In June 1889, Havelock Wilson's young but rapidly growing National Amalgamated Sailors' and Firemen's Union was organising strikes in various ports throughout Britain. In many places the dock labourers came out too. This is what happened in Glasgow. On June 11th Edward McHugh, a former commercial traveller and friend of Henry George, brought the union he had formed in February 1889, the National Union of Dock Labourers, out on strike in Glasgow. The strike met with a quick response from the port employers in Glasgow. Very quickly blacklegs were brought into Glasgow in considerable numbers from Dundee. The men from Dundee got the police protection they had been promised, and quickly set to work. But they soon left work in a body after the strikers managed to make contact with them and to explain their cas…

Socialism is Coming

The sun of capitalism is setting; the sun of socialism is rising.” - Eugene Debs 
Many say socialism is unattainable. If more workers are to be won to the cause of socialism it is clear that we must greatly advance in our ability to explain the advantages of a socialist society and how we can achieve it. Today, with the economy suffering a protracted recession and increasing insecure employment working people are increasingly dissatisfied with the status quo.  However, this discontent is not translating into support for socialism. At the present time, the idea of a socialist alternative does not appear feasible to many. Our fellow-workers remain to be convinced that socialism can provide them with a better life – greater democracy and improved material well-being.
First of all, the word “socialism” is popularly associated with the former USSR and its satellite states. While these regimes were not socialist we never stop hearing that their economies typified what socialism stood for. T…

A World for All of Us

As long as the experience of the disastrous mistakes of the past has not been applied, the working class won't escape exploitation. Lessons from the past must be absorbed for use in the future, otherwise, each generation has to drink from a poisoned well
The development of capitalism, particularly the industrial revolution, marked the entrance into history of the working class, a class that was totally propertyless, having no way to earn a living except to sell its ability to work for the capitalist or property-owning class. In return for selling its labour the working receives “wages” – only partial payment for the value it created, and barely enough to return back to work another day, to produce more value and profits for the capitalist. The nature of capitalist society is such that the capitalist always tries to minimise the cost of production and maximise profits. This can only be done at the worker’s expense, the worker that finds himself constantly the victim of attempts by …

The future is up to us – The People

The Socialist Party maintains that the problems of the British working class are identical with the problems of the workers of the world. What unites workers as a class is their relationship to the means of production. Workers produce all value. Bosses appropriate that value and pay the workers as little as workers let them get away with. All workers, no matter what their colour, gender, “race,” ethnicity, nationality, are exploited by the profit system. This is our unifying characteristic. Anything that negates this class concept, that puts workers in alliance with “their bosses” against another set of workers and bosses, weakens the struggle to combat and overthrow the entire ruling capitalist class. Nationalism divides the working class. Workers must unite across all capitalist-created borders and not defend its “own” ruling class against workers in other capitalist countries. Class solidarity is a crucial issue for all workers. There is no such thing as “progressive” nationalism. …

Reclaiming the socialist radical vision

The Socialist Party, in accord with Marxist teachings, seek to sweep away the old conditions of production, and prepare the way for the cooperative commonwealth rather than tinker with the old machine and try to foist it on our fellow-workers as something just as good. A society with profitability as the criterion of production is bound to bring along unbearable crisis conditions. The transformation of Capitalism to Socialism meant amongst other things that political power should pass from the hands of the capitalist class into the hands of the working people; That the means of production and distribution, the land, the factories, workshops and mines, the means of communication, the financial system, should pass into the possession of the working people; that production should be developed not by the competition of the various capitalist enterprises for profit, but on the basis of a planned economic system, whose aim was to raise the material level of all the people; that the fruits …

Speed the Social Revolution!

The Socialist Party of Great Britain was founded in 1904 to organise and to prepare the conditions for the overthrow of the capitalist system in order to establish the socialist system, a system which guarantees the genuine emancipation of the working class. Thus the Socialist Party fights against the rich and against those who are their servants and to build socialism, ending the exploitation of man by man with the creation of a class-free society as the next stage in human social development. We have always considered our enemies our best teachers. The Socialist Party declares that its final purpose is a social revolution. A social revolution means nothing more or less than adoption of a system of production, distribution, and consumption which is based on common ownership in place of the present inconsistent and anarchistic system of private ownership based on the brutal power of capital. Democracy, i.e., the equality of rights can be fully realised only when a social revolution ha…

Lothian Socialist Discussion (27/6)

Wednesday, 27 June
7:30pm - 9:00pm
The Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh,
17 West Montgomery Place, 
Edinburgh EH7 5HA

Class-consciousness is never more needed than now.  Today mankind is under a shadow without precedent.

The working people of the world have it in their hands to end poverty, fear, hatred, and war. To those in the Socialist Party, class-consciousness is the breaking down of all barriers to understanding. Without it, militancy means nothing. The conflict between the classes is more than a struggle for each to gain from the other: it is the division which reaches across all others. The class-conscious worker knows where he or she stands in society, opposed at every point to those of the capitalist class. Our cause can only be the cause of revolution for the abolishing of classes. 

Class-conscious people need no leaders. The single, simple fact which all working people have to learn is that capitalism causes capitalism's problems so that the remedy – the onlyremedy – is to abol…

Hasten The Day

At the time of writing, May 18, there are further delays on any NAFTA agreement. 
Justin Trudeau said, ''A deal is very close''. 
U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, disagreed, ''...there are gaping differences on intellectual property, agricultural market access, energy, labour, rules of origin, geographical indications and much more'', but he promised to continue negotiating. 

At this time there seems no end in sight -- other than the main bozo in American power with his tariffs fettering the 'deal,' and things likely going from bad to worse for many Canadian workers. 

Though for Socialists this is not the point. There are two delays we are concerned about: The more important of the two is the delay in establishing Socialism, which would mean the previous delay, the horror(s) of suffering under capitalism, is moot. 

Hasten the Day! For socialism, 
Steve, Mehmet, John & contributing members of the SPC.

One for all, All for one

The ruling class claim for themselves the mantle of progress, logic, truth, beauty, and knowledge. They represent socialists as deluded, irrational, psychotic, violent and hateful. But just look at these critics of socialism; the militarist and perverted capitalists who would see a world plunged into barbarism before they relinquish a penny of their fabulous profits and the power-mad industrialists who calmly grind the working class to dust beneath the wheels of automation. Socialists are infinitely more rational than our class enemies. The socialist future is clearly within our grasp. And what better life can a person carve out than participation in the emancipation of humanity? What better use to make of one's life than in working towards a new civilisation? We look toward a time when we shall have ceased to mourn martyrs. A time when we are no longer occupied with accepting defeats and explaining betrayals. Not because we will have forgotten the past, but simply because we will…