Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Our Red Flag Keeps Flying

Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer
We'll keep the red flag flying here

Contrary to the aims of the anti-capitalist activists, the old social order cannot simply be removed. Its removal is dependent upon its replacement by socialism. The anti-capitalists who know that capitalism is the enemy, but who cannot make time for building a revolutionary socialist party because they are too involved in the campaigns for immediate reforms has not yet grasped this fundamental. They deplore the chaos in the world, the chaos in the radical movement yet there remains the chaos of their own political positions. Fortunately, there is the Socialist Party which fights for socialism and is able to devote themselves single-mindedly to the building of party dedicated to socialism. Let the cowards flinch and the traitors sneer but we reiterate our trust in our fellow-workers and dedicate ourselves again to the emancipation of ourselves from wage-slavery.

Capitalism has shown conclusively that it cannot advance civilisation, but only drive it further along the road of human degradation and ruination. The working class, even those sections of it that have been most cruelly oppressed, has shown a power of recuperation from defeat and powers of resistance to the capitalist class.

The working class is struggling daily to improve their living conditions, defend and expand their democratic rights, and achieve social progress. The history of mankind can be described as the history of the efforts of human communities to free themselves from the constraints always imposed by the necessity of meeting their daily survival needs and reproducing the species. The history of humanity is the history of human communities involved in the struggle for their existence. Unless we understand the implications of this, we cannot wage a systematic and effective struggle. The purpose of socialist revolution is to provide today’s society with a form of organisation that corresponds to the material possibilities open to us today. Socialist principles lay bare the conflict of interest between the owners of the means of production and the workers. Organised society came into existence as the result of experience that taught the lesson of mankind’s common problem and of the realisation that its solution is more likely to be attained through the cooperation of all having a common aim. Standing in the way of social progress and socialism is the capitalist class.

The Socialist Party calls upon the workers of the world to unite. In fact, it is held that it the most famous thing Marx ever said. The Socialist Party seeks to unify the workers across national borders. The International Workingmen's Association, or "First International", was a step toward such a thing as is our own World Socialist Movement. The new workers' movement must be imbued with the spirit and principles of socialism for the building of a genuinely revolutionary socialist party. The zigzag path of the world revolution will emerge more clearly. To change society and end exploitation, we need a plan to get from where we are now to liberation - a strategy that will work. Identifying our real friends and our real enemies is the first step. The capitalists are the powerful enemy and it will require protracted efforts to overthrow them. These capitalists are very wealthy and live off the exploited labour of others. Members of the Socialist Party believes that to be a part of the working class is something to be proud of. The working class constitutes the majority. When socialists look at the issue of class we see that every kind of society, from ancient times until now, is organised around its tools - it means of producing things that satisfy people's needs and wants. Ownership of the means of production is basic. Classes are large groups of people, who have a defined relationship to the means of production, such as ownership. The result of these differences in who owns what and where one fits into the social division of labour, means a difference in who gets how much wealth.

Capitalism is a doomed system whose continued existence stands in the way of all social progress. Huge corporations and financial institutions are headed by a wealthy oligarchy that dominates the political and economic life of this country, blocking the path to prosperity for the vast majority. The ruling class is like a vampire that sucks the blood of the workers. They live off the labour, land and natural resources of others driven to achieve the highest possible rate of profit. The capitalists have accumulated untold wealth based on the exploitation and robbery of the world's working class. We need to turn things around. This means a revolution that advances the cause of the exploited. Workers need political power. as the means to reorganise society in our own interests.

Socialism or barbarism! With the whole world, hard pressed by advancing barbarism to make the choice of socialism must the decision for civilization to survive and to flower. capitalism is objectively ripe for replacement by socialism which is another way of saying that capitalism has become an obstacle in the path of social progress. The Socialist Part faces the struggle for the socialist future with full confidence.   And we bring to this struggle the determination to work for the common good of all.  It is true that the humanity is indeed confronted with a problem of survival on this planet. But in order to survive, mankind will do away with the social system which threatens its survival. The goal is in sight. Socialism will win the world and change the world, and make it secure. 

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