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No More Masters

The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house. They may allow us to temporarily beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change.”Audre LordeThere will not be a one-size-fits-all model of social change but there is a requirement to re-imagine the very foundations of the world around us.

Capitalism operates from a framework that assumes there is simply not enough to go around — that it is impossible for everyone to have all they need, even though some people possess unthinkable amounts of wealth.Socialistsimagine the possibilities of a world without exploited labour. The working class is the only thoroughly revolutionary class. Its exploitation brings it face-to-face with the fundamental contradiction of capitalist society – the contradiction between the private ownership of the means of production and the social character of production. It is the only class which can carry the revolutionary struggle against the bourgeoisie through to…


A growing number of Scots believe that too many people are entering the UK. In June 2018 found that 38 per cent of respondents believed that immigration levels were too high. In the latest survey carried out by YouGov, 45 per cent of respondents now say that the level of immigration into Britain over the last few years has been too high.
A total of 37 per cent of those polled said they thought the level has been “about right”, with 6% saying they thought the level was too low, whilst 11% said they did not know whether the level was right or not.
Research suggests that 45 per cent of people who voted Yes in the 2014 Scottish independence referendum believe that immigration is too high.
A total of 77 per cent of Leave voters in the Brexit referendum said they thought the level is too high, whilst Conservative voters are most likely to be opposed to more immigration, with 65 per cent stating that view.
The Scottish Government has repeatedly warned that a more restrictive migration system cou…

We perform no miracles – We promise none.

Who are the oppressors, but the Nobility and Gentry; who are oppressed, is not the Yeoman, the Farmer, the Tradesman, and the Labourer? Your slavery is their liberty, your poverty is their prosperity.’Laurence Clarkson 1647
WORLD SOCIALISM? No way! Face it. Every country that used to be socialist/communist has gone capitalist. We say socialism/communism has never been tried
The Socialist Party says to the workers: Unite into your own economic organisations, free from the control and influence of your class enemy. Organise your own political party. Challenge your enemy not only on the economic field but also on the political. Send your own representatives into Parliament to fight for your interests. We say, with Engels, that “universal suffrage is the best lever for a proletarian movement at the present time”. We say, with Engels, that “universal suffrage is the gauge of the maturity of the working class”. We will therefore do everything we can to raise the red line in that thermomete…

Edinburgh Branch Meeting

7pm, Thursday, May 2nd
The Quaker Hall, 
Victoria Terrace (above Victoria Street), 
Edinburgh EH1 2JL

The Socialist Party has clearly stated is that to achieve socialism requires a clear understanding of socialist principles with a determined desire to put them into practice. 

For socialism to be established the mass of the prople must understand the nature and purpose of the new society. Our theory of socialist revolution is grounded in Marx's - the position of the working class within capitalist society forces it to struggle against capitalist conditions of existence and as the workers gained more experience of the class struggle and the workings of capitalism, the labour movement would become more consciously socialist and democratically organised by the workers themselves and would require no intervention by people outside the working class to bring it. 

Socialist propaganda and agitation are indeed necessary but would be carried out by workers themselves whose socialist ideas would…

The Future Lies with the Workers

The Marxist Materialist Conception of History tells us never judge phenomena from the surface of things and outward appearance, but to delve deeper down to the economic, social and political foundations. If we perform this critical task in the case of political demagoguery of the Left and the Right, we discover that in spite of their apparent differences, in spite of the divergent polarised social composition of their support, there are nevertheless similarities. Demagogues adapt their policy and propaganda to the prejudices of the audience to which it is hoped to appeal, without regard to the truth or correctness or workability of any given proposal. The pandering to prejudices and build on them. Such demagogy of populist parties is not accidental. All promises of material betterment, of peace, prosperity and security, are necessarily demagogic as they are formulated within the framework of the capitalist order, and none of these are possible under capitalism. That is why their cla…

Scotland's Climate Emergency

Nicola Sturgeonhas said she believes the world is facing a climate emergency and pledged to speed up efforts to achieve zero carbon emissions.
However, has she heeded Greta Thunberg's warning about North Sea oil who lambasted the expansion of the North Sea fossil fuel industry or does as SNP police has decreed, continue the drilling and shaping legislation to foster oil businesses.
How many fake promises and how much false hope are we going to be fed before we realise the truth? Climate change is changing the world we know and love. Our land, homes and food are at risk. The docility of the world population has contributed greatly to keeping intact the increasingly unequal, barbaric and rapacious society that is global capitalism. Because people believe there is no alternative to capitalism, it keeps on existing. The climate school Friday strikers and Extinction Rebellion have drawn attention to this issue. The fatal flaw means the continuation of the capitalist system which is th…

Where are we going?

The Socialist Party platform is for the abolition of the system of capitalism and the establishment or a socialist system of production. All the material resources for a socialist economy are present in abundance–raw materials, industrial plants, energy-producing enterprises, transportation, highly developed agricultural resources. The Socialist Party is accused of being dogmatic. We are dogmatic in so far as we hold ideas that make us strive to end capitalism, not to patch it up. We are dogmatic because we explain economic theory such as surplus value, the source of rent, interest, dividends, etc. We are dogmatic because we preach the class war, asking our fellow-workers to cut adrift from the capitalist parties and reforms. We fight for nothing short socialism, because we believe that nothing short of that will save the workers. It is a platitude that the struggle for socialism requires the broadest possible working class unity. But unity on what basis, unity for what ends
The vast…

We are the future

The world today is a place of stark and bewildering contradictions. Possessing the greatest industrial and agricultural resources in history, it cannot feed, clothe and provide a decent livelihood for millions. People toil relentlessly away just to barely to survive. Poverty exists alongside opulence. This is an irrational and unjust system. But life does not have to be this way.
The Socialist Party strives for political and economic democracy throughout the world. Our conclusion is abolish profits and take production out of the hands of those who are governed only by considerations of profit. What we mean is not taking over of a single industry by nationalisation, but of expropriating from the ruling class each and every factory, office and farm in every branch of production. It means the wresting ownership and control from the capitalist class and transferring the social wealth to the producers of that wealth, the workers, replacing economic dictatorship with economic democracy. Th…

Wee Rebellion

Environmental campaigners have staged a "die-in". At the Kelvingrove art gallery and museum in Glasgow, about 300 activists lay down beneath Dippy, the famous copy of a diplodocus skeleton which is currently touring the UK.

Many held handwritten signs with the question “Are we next?”, while children held pictures they had drawn of their favourite at-risk animals as part of the event organised by Wee Rebellion, a climate-change protest group for young people in Glasgow associated with Extinction Rebellion.
Twelve-year-old Lida said: “We want to raise awareness about climate change. If we keep carrying on the way we are humans may become extinct, like Dippy.”  Aoibhìn, 7, said: “Lots of animals are dying out because of climate change.”
Organisers of the die-in said Wee Rebellion would continue to hold protests until local and central governments committed to zero greenhouse gas emissions within 11 years and established climate citizens assemblies to oversee the changes.The group s…