Friday, March 05, 2021

Internecine Divides


Capitalism everywhere is incapable of solving social problems which itself has createdThe State is an organised power of oppression. The capitalists have control of the government and that government grants them the right of ownership. The curse and the tragedy of the workers’ movement consists in this, that the ruling class have been able to create divisions between workers of different nations and races. The Socialist Party explain to our fellow workers the nature of the struggle in. which they are participating and tells them of the principles for which we hold to. We reveal why we are confident of the way out for our class from the horrid nightmare of the competitive struggle which sets nation against nation, class against class, and individual against individual.

The struggle between individual capitalists to realise profits sets employer against employer. The conflict between national groups of financiers sets nation against nation, and produces war. But despite their individual and national conflicts the whole capitalist class stands united in their common desire to exploit working people. Hence under capitalism the freedom of the working class consists in the freedom to starve or accept such conditions as are imposed upon them by the employing class. But the freedom of the master class consists in their untrammelled freedom to buy labour-power to create profit. Thus the workers are not free. Neither owning nor controlling the means of life, they are wage slaves of their employers, and are but mere commodities. We affirm that so long as one section of the community own and control the means of production, and the rest of the community are compelled to work for that section in order to obtain the means of life, there can be no peace between them.


While there are differences among  capitalists on the tactics to be deployed, they are united in their central aim of maintaining their ownership and controlWhile the worker is generally not class-conscious – that is, knowing and understanding his or her class subjection and its cause, and therefore knowing and understanding overthrowing the institutions which subjugates us – it is not so with the capitalists. They, as a rule, are thoroughly class-conscious. They understand it clearly and all the capitalists are lined up accordingly. The political parties accordingly follow a common line on the central issues. The Labour Party is committed to an all-out effort to make capitalism work indefinitely and prevent any collapse of capitalism.

There are kind bosses and tough bosses. There were kind slave-masters and cruel ones. The working class wants NO slave-masters and NO bosses. The Socialist Party wages war to end wage-slavery, to end capitalism with its evils of misery and degradation. until that war is ended we do not want peace—because such peace will be the peace of the beggar and the slave. The Socialist Party is opposed to every war but one and that is the worldwide war of the social revolution. It is its  purpose to wipe out, root and branch, all capitalist institutions of present-day society. It is distinctly revolutionary, and in scope and depth is vastly more tremendous than any revolution that has ever occurred in the history of the world.

The Socialist Party does not tolerate any cult of leaders. The reputation of a person as a member of a party may not be compatible with his or her character in personal relations. We have in our mind instances of persons who have been for years hard workers for the cause, whose party activities have been unimpeachable, but who are nevertheless sometimes awkward to get on with in private life. It is why we built the party where all power rest in its collective membership.

Such are the principles of the Socialist Party. Vote for their candidates and you vote and work for the building of the world anew. For the sweeping away of ignorance, for the full physical and mental development of men and women free from class exploitation, and the degradations of poverty. Decline, and by your apathy you stand for misery, exploitation, greed and war. The hour is great. The eyes of the world are upon you. The choice is yours.

Thursday, March 04, 2021

The Scottish Pulse Potential

 Scotland could grow 15 times more peas, beans and lentils than it currently does.

Pulses are healthy and nutritious, and offer a substantial benefit to the environment through their ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen and thrive without artificial fertilisers.

James Hutton Institute researcher Dr Pete Iannetta has been evangelical about pulses for some time: “The irony is our feed and food systems are legume-dependent, yet we import most of our high-protein legume grains, and almost all are for animal and aquaculture feed. That means we forfeit the potential soil benefits from cultivation, and human-health benefits from direct consumption.

“By using pulses in cropping rotations we can improve soil and increase the range of crops grown, plus reduce disease and pest incidence, lowering pesticide dependency. Currently, only 1% of Scottish arable cropped land accommodates pulses – this could be fifteen times higher," he claimed. “If you want to protect environmental, human health, and have truly sustainable economics, then legumes are the vehicle..."

Soil Association Scotland's Ana Allamand, said: “This is an industry that could be developed with benefits for everyone. 

Meanwhile it is tatties galore. Almost half  of the Scottish potato crop was still in grower-held storage.

Pulse crops are a 'no-brainer' for Scotland | The Scottish Farmer

Capitalism — Your Days Are Numbered

The Socialist  Party, unfurling the red banner from the hour of its birth, has no rival. It is the only revolutionary party, the heir of the rich traditions of the past and the herald of the future. 

The Socialist Party shows that today’s society is based on the exploitation of the working class by the capitalist class and that all the evils of this society arise from that. It explains how the working class in abolishing capitalism will put an end to the division of society into classes and bring about a completely new era in human history  a world commonwealth  where mankind as a whole, through it cooperative efforts and conscious planning, can to advance to heights undreamed of in the past. 

The Socialist Party is destined to usher in a new epoch of freedom — freedom from the grind of poverty; freedom from the ownership of government by big business; freedom from the slave-driving of workers by profiteers; and freedom of the men and women from exploitation at the hands of the money kings. This cannot be accomplished by compromising longer with the old parties. The only way in which you can put an end to this profit system which keeps you in poverty, misery, and degradation, and gives all the good things of life to the rich, is to conquer political power for your class. We cannot abolish the capitalist system by seizing the factories without at the same time capturing the political power of the State. A political party cannot reorganise and reconstruct the industrial organisations of the working class, and that that is the task of the economic organisations themselves

The Socialist Party must teaches and agitates exclusively for the overthrown of capitalism, and the establishment of socialism. Let us resolve to break the chains of wage slavery. Let us be clear that the system must be changed. Let us tell our fellow-workers that we will change it by REVOLUTION! That is the only way — there is no otherToo long we have stood the misery the bosses have forced on us. We have not forgotten all the wars, which killed and crippled for life millions of workers and filled the bosses’ pockets with gold! We have not forgotten the employers fake promises! We have not forgotten and we will not forget! We, workers, will no more stand the tyranny of the bosses and of their government. We have had enough.

The capitalist system is based upon the production of commodities for profit — for the profit of a small group who own the means of production, and who do no useful work. This means exploitation, wage-slavery, and misery for the masses who do all the useful and necessary work. The only way out is to introduce a system of society in which production is carried on for use, for the benefit of allThe present government of the United States is a capitalist government upholding the right of a few men to own all the transport and communications networks, shops, factories, mills, mines, land, etc., as their private property. Capitalist governments  protects the rich and assists them to rob the poor and toilers. It is the age-long class war. Look ahead. What are the prospects which confront us if the capitalist slave drivers remain in power? Nothing but new wars, slavery, poverty, starvation, and perpetual oppression.

As Covid-19 spread you are lucky if you’ve still got a job. But how long will it last? You may not have it tomorrow. The bosses are laying off hands by the thousands. They say there isn’t any business. So we can go out there and starve! What do they care? They have plenty to eat. It isn’t THEIR business that we can’t earn enough for a decent living. It isn’t THEIR business that our children have to go to school hungry. They are trying to make bigger profits now. We workers piled up billions for them during the pandemic. They are trying to keep up the record. So they are throwing us into the street and taking us back at their own price. Now the bosses see their chance to break up the unions. They intend forcing lower wages and longer hours on us.

There is only one way that all the suffering caused by capitalism can be finally ended  by wiping out its source, capitalism. And there is only one force in society that can bring this about–the working class, leading and uniting against the capitalists all those who suffer under their rule. This is why the aim of the working class, through all its daily battles against the capitalists, must not only be to win whatever concessions. can be wrung from them today, but to build the strength and unity of the working class and build for the day when it will be able to overthrow the capitalists altogether. Let us proclaim our solidarity with the workers of the entire world.

Wednesday, March 03, 2021



The Socialist Party says that all the wealth of capitalist society is produced by the working class, but is the property of the capitalist class, who own the machinery of production (the factories, transport, etc.) The capitalist system of society is based upon the private ownership of the means of wealth production and distribution, by a minority of the population. The majority of the population, being property-less, are compelled to offer their services for sale to the capitalists, and receive in return sufficient to enable them to live and keep on working. Only the working class engage in the work necessary to production, but the wealth that results from the workers’ labour-power belongs to the capitalists, and therefore the system is an excellent one — for the capitalists. The system is essentially a competitive one, and though the capitalists’ interests are identical as against working-class interests, they are not identical in the struggle to secure the greater proportion of the profit accruing from the workers’ labour-power. 

The essential features of Capitalism are : one, the ownership of the means of wealth production by a propertied class which lives by owning; two, the sale of their labour-power by the property-less majority for wages; and three, the production of goods for sale. 

The capitalists are rich because they own the means of wealth production, and consequently the resultant product; and the workers are poor because they possess nothing but their labour-power, which they are compelled to sell to the capitalists in order to live. As the value of labour-power is determined by the cost of its reproduction, that is to say, the necessary food, clothing and shelter to enable the worker to maintain oneself in a fit state to do the job, and reproduce, increases in the wealth produced are of benefit, primarily, to the capitalist class. 

The capitalist and, the people he pays to write and speak for him, assert that socialism is impossible. But this is to be expected as capitalism means to the capitalist the continuance of his present easy and luxurious mode of living while Socialism signifies the end of it. One cannot expect the doomed to welcome the gravedigger. Socialism only has a message for the working-class because, from a narrow point of view, it is they who will benefit by it. Socialism means the taking from the rich of the power to exploit the poor—from the idlers of the power to live on the backs of the workers. One cannot expect the millionaires and billionaires to do other than oppose socialism and urge upon workers its impossibility. We, the workers, are not the “nation,” we are the slave class within the nation.  The “nationis the private property of our masters.

Money is only necessary in a society where there is private ownership and trading and therefore some common means needed in which to assess the values of diverse articles in order to facilitate exchanges. Where common property exists there is no exchange of goods but an equitable distribution on the basis of needs—as a mother distributes food to her children at the table.  Socialism is the production and distribution of wealth would be organised on a scientific basis with the object of providing for each member of society the least amount of labour, the best conditions of labour, and the greatest amount of leisure — which latter he or she could employ in whatever work or play best suited. By this means, and only by this means, will unemployment, poverty and other economic evils that we suffer to-day disappear never to return.

The Socialist Party is accustomed to have the charge levelled us that their criticism of present-day society is purely destructive. “What is your constructive programme?” we are asked. The fact of the matter is that no section of the master-class and no political party which administers or aspires to administer the present system has any solution or can have any solution to the class conflict. The workers suffer poverty because they do not own the means of wealth production. The only logical remedy for such a state of affairs is that they shall become the owners; but that involves the destruction of existing property rights, the taking away from the master-class of their economic privileges. The Socialist Party is the only party which bases its policy on this objective, which arises by necessity from the class struggle. We plead guilty, therefore, to being destructive — of capitalism.

Tuesday, March 02, 2021

No Return to Normal


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and our climate emergency has shown us something, which many of us have known for a long time, that there is something very wrong with our system. It has led many people to foresee a future of apocalyptic catastrophes. Socialists, however, hold hope that global warming and plague might lead to a better world. Both crises has made clear the oneness of the peoples of the world. What we share is much more powerful than what keeps us apart. All people are inescapably interconnected, and the more we can come together to solve our problems, the better off we will all be.

The Socialist Party is a component of the greatest social movement in human history. It is a world movement, a movement of movements. It is rooted in the blood, sweat and tears of millions who have spent their lives throughout history clamouring for social justice, working for peace, striving for a society that works for everyone. This movement does not appear by magic and we need to consciously commit ourselves to the systemic transformation needed. Humanity can work together to prevail over problems and learn the folly of battling each other. The climate rises and the pandemic demonstrate the mutual dependencies of the world’s peoples and the requirement that the planet’s resources be redirected for the service of health and peaceful life. The overriding goal must be human security, providing food, water, a clean environment and caring for people. Socialists recognise the value of collective social relationships. We’re brothers and sisters who must think and act cooperatively like one family. 

Socialists see the potential for transformations that would lead to greater equality and better well-being for all. It is our opportunity to do things differently. Social change is possible. A different world, a different economy can be the future. We must become one world. Through genuine cooperation and solidarity among all the people of the world, socialists urge we collaborate to protect humanity. We need a mighty movement to transform the political institutions and economic structure. The same dedication and determination which mankind has conducted war through the ages must now be applied to building a peaceful and prosperous planet.

 Human beings can only take so much. The living world can only take so much. Eventually, things need to change. The peoples of the planet are ripe for radical political change, but that change doesn’t necessarily have to be progressive in nature. It could also be reactionary and fuelled by religious extremism, xenophobia, racism, and tribalism. That’s up to us socialists to present a positive vision of a possible future. Even to-day we can see mutual aid networks flourishing all over the world.

While our attention is presently distracted by the pandemic, the planet continues to warm – polar ice-caps melts, glaciers disappear, forest fires and droughts appear, seas rise, plants and animals disappear and people continue to be displaced. Time is running out. Now is the time for alternatives. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Society must redirect the resources it’s currently spending on weapons and on the waste of consumerism, and instead provide what people really need - for free.

To survive and prosper, to fulfil our potential, socialists say we must reject divisions and that it is possible to build a new society of social justice. Out of chaos of the old we can create a future civilisation in which humanity can live in
harmony. In times of crises, people are expressing solidarity with one another. It demonstrates humanity is social. We cannot have a return to normal, because normal was the problem. This as an opportunity to restart society for a better future. We can rebuild our society in an egalitarian way, in an environmental friendly way. We can banish the politics of hate. There are endless possibilities that a future can offer us to change our world. Our present capitalist system is unsustainable, and it works for the interests of a few very rich people. We must build a sustainable, steady-state, zero-growth economic system, an social system which ends inequality and injustice.

The Socialist Party is in favour of the common ownership of all the means of production and distribution: namely, the land, mines, mills, factories, and productive machinery, for the purpose of operating industry in the interest of the whole people. The Socialist Party proposes to establish economic democracy, namely, the ending of the profit system. Working people have been fed the arguments that human nature, over-population, shortage of resources, the need for leaders requires a process of gradual reforms to bring about a socialist society and a world of abundance.

We have had enough of waiting.

Monday, March 01, 2021

Socialist Standard No. 1399 March 2021


The Propertied V. The Propertless


The working class in society holds a special position. It has no property. It is a propertyless class—dependent upon the class which owns property—the land, the factories, mills, mines,communications and transport. But the land cannot give forth its fullness unless workers plough and sow and reap. The earth cannot deliver its mineral wealth unless workers dig it. Factories, mills, mines, railways, etc., cannot work unless workers are employed to make them serve their purpose in the transformation of nature’s wealth into social wealth. It is this fact which compels the owners of the means of producing wealth to employ labour. They need that labour or their ownership ceases to be of value

 Socialism is the name given to that form of society in which there is no such thing as a propertyless class, but in which the whole community own the means of production—the land, factories, mills, mines, transport and all the means whereby wealth is created and distributed to the community. The basic principles of socialist society are diametrically opposite to those of capitalist society in which we live. Socialism stands for social or community property. Capitalism stands for private property. Socialism is a society without classes. Capitalism is divided into classes—the class owning property and the propertyless working class.

Recognising the cause as rooted in the private ownership of the means of production and the propertyless conditions of the working class, the Socialist Party want all the struggles of working people to be co-ordinated, so that behind every  conflict there will be available the whole power of the working class. Socialists want sectionalism to be superseded by a united working class. The socialist revolution consists of the entire process, on a world scale, through which the socialist mode of production is established and supplants earlier modes of production. Socialism is a theory of a system of human society, based on the common ownership of the means of production and the carrying on of the work of production by all for the benefit of all. In other words, Socialism means that all such things as are necessary for the production of the necessaries and comforts of life should be the property of all. A cooperative commonwealth of fraternity, freedom, peace.


Sunday, February 28, 2021

The Role of the Socialist Party

The Socialist Party points clearly to the class enemy, the handful of rich capitalists and their friends in government who run this system of profits. We offer analysis that reveals the real causes of crime, unemployment, mental illness, the housing crisis, and the million and one social issues working people  have to face everyday. The roots of those problems are not to be found among the millions of working people who slave to build this society and survive despite the daily oppression and exploitation they face. The real cause is to be found in the capitalist system itself. We point out the real enemy we must fight, and the stand we must take for our own future and futures of our children.

Capitalism means that all goods and services are produced for profit.  Human labour is a commodity for sale.  Property-less labourers, who create profit for those who purchase their labour. Competition and profit maximization are fundamental to capitalism. The basic objective of capitalism is production and expansion of capital. Cyclical recessions are built-into the operation of capitalism. There is a conflict between the needs of people and the requirement of profit. Capitalism recovers from recurrent crises at the cost of suffering of hundreds of millions of people. Yet the conviction that there can be no alternative to capitalism and the system is the destination of history, is deeply rooted in the minds of working people.

 The only future the working class under the present capitalist system is only more misery and exploitation for the millions of working people around the world. We stand for revolution, the doing away with that system, and the building of socialism, where workers create a society where they control and can produce for their own benefit. For us, socialism equals workers’ power. Workers’ power means workers democratically running society through their own elected organisations. Capitalism is based on the exploitation of working people. No attempts to reform the system can do away with this exploitation. The only way workers can come to control society and create a society based on freedom and a decent life for all is through revolution. The state is an instrument of capitalist class rule. The present parliament, army, police and courts serve the interests of the capitalists. The working class cannot use the state to build socialism. The working class is an international class and socialism must be an worldwide system. We fight for solidarity with fellow-workers of all countries. Capitalism pits sections of the working class against one another. We oppose everything which turns workers of one country against those of another. We stand for peace and for the only system that makes peace possible. Those, who support a system that breeds war cannot consistently say they are for peace

Workers create all the wealth under capitalism. A socialist society can only be constructed when workers collectively seize control of that wealth and plan its production and distribution according to human need instead of profit. The liberation of the working class can only be won by the struggles of workers themselves. Capitalism cannot be patched up or reformed. The present system is based on the exploitation of working men and women. No attempts to reform the system can do away with this exploitation. The only way workers can come to control society and create a system based on freedom and a decent life for all is by overthrowing capitalism.

Let us take the offensive in the battle of ideas, which is part of the daily struggle against capitalism. For there must be no mistake—our class enemies do not neglect the weapon of propaganda. They press every kind of charlatan into service to exploit the fears and worries of working people. The issue is socialism and the abolition of poverty.  There is no room for compromise.

The Socialist Party is fundamentally different from all other parties. It expresses in political terms the aspiration of the working class to freedomThe world’s workers have always been and still are the world’s slaves. They are still the subject class in every nation on earth and the chief function of every government is to keep them at the mercy of their masters. The Socialist Party is the one party which stands squarely and uncompromisingly for the abolition of wage slavery; the one party pledged to the economic freedom and the industrial democracy of all people.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

The Anarchy of Capitalism


Socialism is on the agenda — and right now. But it will not come by people putting their trust in leaders. It will be established when the vast majority of workers understand it, want it and democratically organise for it in a party which is not out to mend capitalism but to end it.

Socialism means the total abolition of capitalism. An end to private and state ownership and control of the means of wealth production and distribution. Production will be solely for use, with all people having free access to the common store of goods and services, instead of production for sale with a view to profit.

To win workers to organise for socialism is no small task and it is easy to be demoralised or to deceive yourself that there is an easier way to initiate the new system. But there is no alternative to the hard work being carried out by the Socialist Party — whose sole aim is socialism — and the sooner those who want socialism join us, the sooner it will be achieved.

The immediate aim of the Socialist Party is the creation of a class-free and state-free society in which the guiding principle will be From each according to ability, to each according to need". Socialism is about freedom, the freedom of people in their everyday lives and activities to decide collectively how much to produce, how much to consume, how much to work and how much to rest. Freedom to decide, collectively and individually, what to consume, how to produce and how to work. Freedom to participate in determining the running of society.  

Capitalism is set up with one thing in mind – to make the most profits possible for a handful of people. It is the system under which we, and our parents and grandparents before us, did all the toil. We sweated in the factories, went down the mines, built the cities to receive only enough to exist upon and only if we fought hard enough for it. The small number of capitalists made huge fortunes off of our labour. The Socialist Party stands for the complete overthrow of the capitalist system and the establishment of  a socialist system where it is no longer possible to make a profit from the general misery of peopleThere are several parties around calling themselves “communist” or “socialist" and  they dress themselves up with high-sounding revolutionary phrases, but underneath they are defenders of state-capitalism. We stand for socialism: a system in which the people own and control the  economy. Capitalism is an outlived system of  private profit , whether or not represented as the “welfare state” and whether or not its government is administered by self-styled “socialists.” It perpetuates poverty, unemployment, racism, environmental destruction and wars. The so-called Communist Party regimes of the past had nothing in common with socialism.

This country is not ours. It is the country of our masters. It belongs to them. Therefore its defence may very well be left to them. We have no other interest in the matter. We are not nationalists or patriots but wage-slaves and we are not ready to sacrifice our lives for our masters. Job security, a comfortable home, good healthcare and excellent education for our children are not possible under the present system where all production is limited to what will pass through the bottle-neck called “profit.” It requires a system of planned production for use. We say that capital and labour have no interests in common. 

The capitalist class tries to convince workers that socialists have nothing to offer them. They project an image of socialism as a bureaucratic world full of regimented people. Socialists are depicted as subversives, out to rob the people of their freedoms. The reality is very different. The Socialist Party wants to replace the rule of a handful of exploiters, the monopoly of capitalists, with the rule of the working class, the producers of the wealth of society. We seek to replace the anarchy of capitalist production, with its recessions and unemployment, with a planned  economy, based on the needs of the people. We stand for the fullest democracy for the many  over the few, that handful of parasitic Robber Barons who rule the today.