Thursday, March 09, 2023

The Future Belongs to Working People


Capitalism’s defenders convey the idea that capitalist class society and capitalist exploitation will continue to exist forever. In other words, that it is a system of society that is natural and eternal, and there is no use in anyone thinking of making fundamental changes to it or replacing it with any other social system. This is completely mistaken. A rationally organised socialist society could easily supply the needs and comforts of all. In the capitalist world hunger stalks a planet of plenty. We live in a world rife with misery.

A worldwide means of production has been created that, if operated at full capacity, could meet all the needs of humanity. It is this contradiction between a socialised means of production versus a privatised means of production that is the main cause of all social problems. That is to say, it is the restrictions imposed on the means of distribution by the profit needs of capitalists, who constitute about 10 percent of the population, that stands between the working class majority, who are about 90 percent of the population, and the socialisation of the means of production that could provide all of us a true utopia. The capitalist class cannot solve this problem because the solution interferes with their profits. A strong revolutionary workers’ movement for world socialism based on a rational organisation of production and distribution for the benefit of the people as a whole is the only alternative. An independent working-class movement, capable of mobilising the working people of the world to bring society out of this morass, must be built. Until the working class can fight for the socialist alternative to the profit system, we will face wars for capitalist global domination. Until it carries on a struggle for power—workers' power—we will continue to face terrorism and other hopelessly cruel responses to the horrors the capitalist system has created.

The principal function of the socialist movement is to participate in the class struggle in such a way that the workers are educated to understand that their power must back up a political or general class fight. It means to actually support any action of the working class against the capitalist class. Socialists are bound to use their better knowledge of society and the future to illustrate our theories and to give a clear purpose to the all-day fighting, in which they are to participate.

The Socialist Party’s position since its inception in 1904 is that there are no solutions to the inhuman conditions of capitalist social relations short of replacing them with socialism. The Socialist Party is dedicated to the aspirations of humanity for a world of peace and plenty.

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