Saturday, March 18, 2023



The world is dominated by a well organised gang of greedy capitalists which has become an object of fear to the eyes of many working people. Capitalism will always be unstable and dangerous to people’s well-being. Its very structure operates against workers’ interests, all the time.  The capitalist system is incapable of producing nothing but insecurity, poverty, war, and the repression of the will of the people. Capitalism remains essentially what it has been from birth: a system of exploitation of the many for the enrichment and aggrandisement of the few. Capitalist society is rushing headlong to barbarism. So long as the insane struggle for profit in this private property economy exists, and it must exist as long as capitalism exists, poverty and wars are forever the prospect of life. Chaos and environmental destruction are forever the reward of the overwhelming majority of the peoples of all countries. Time to no longer put up with it. Time to replace it with a class-free society.

The State is an instrument of coercion at the service of the dominant ruling class. The Socialist Party believes that advances of human society so far in the economy, science, technology and standards of civil life have already created the material conditions necessary to set up a free society without classes, exploitation and oppression, i.e. a world socialist community, and that the working class on taking political power must introduce it. Our vision of socialism is a society without classes. We aim at ending the present capitalist system to its very foundation. We intend to dismantle the machinery of bourgeois institutions which are accessories to the capitalist system. We strive to achieve a society that has neither rich nor poor, a society whose members can all secure their food, clothes and housing, the realisation of a free, equal, peaceful, righteous and fraternal community. Only a socialist society, a society without classes, without war, without competition, without unemployment, and poverty can properly harness the new technology.  A class society which lives by exploitation can only subordinate inventions and discoveries to the interest of private profit. 

The destruction of civilisation is a grim reality unless the social order of capitalism is abolished and replaced by socialism, the society of all the people. We agree with Marx and Engels that society is divided into social classes whose interests are irreconcilable. Working people are the overwhelming majority of the population and the ruling capitalist class is only a handful. We hold that capitalist class rule is the basic cause of the poverty, wars, and the degradation of the natural environment. They maintain political power over the media and the institutions of culture that create “public opinion”—the mass media, as well as all public and private educational institutions. In the final analysis, however, capitalists rule by military and police force and violence. To break the stranglehold of the capitalist minority have over all of society, workers need to break definitively with capitalist parties.

The economic system of capitalism is the main enemy of the working  people of the world. In order to end the oppression we must end the economic system which thrives on exploitation. 

 Socialism, the common ownership and democratic control of the means of production and the removal of profit from the system of production, is the aim of the Socialist Party.


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