Thursday, March 02, 2023

The Capitalist Contradiction

 We are drowning in a sea of poverty, thousands of families are living in abject poverty, food banks, low pay, homelessness and much, much more The ruling class are beating us with a great long stick, many have got their heads down and are happy as it seems taking the beating being handed down to us. Things will not change if we change our socks and elect a government of the Starmer Labour Party. This seems to be the best time to explain that despite everything that’s happened, we can see that people are beginning to rise. Some are losing their lives in these struggles, never let us lose sight of that, violence is always as abhorrent and abominable as capitalism itself. All that matters to the capitalist and the boss is production for profit, if the profit begins to slide then more than likely the worker will end up taking the bullet, and many times in the back. Workers are nothing more than cannon fodder in reality, time, and time again, the ruling class are only too happy to send them to the slater house if it is expedient and convenient to do so, especially if they have no other uses and employ for them when their work is done or the industry begins to fall into decline; new methods of production, a cheaper alternative product and, workers are fired, We are told, because people are living longer, this, in turn, is putting a fiscal twist and strain on public finance, it’s costing an arm and a leg to keep our pensioners, in what should be a comfortable break after a lifetime of work; but, it should be cosy, snug, warm and pleasant, and after a lifetime of repetitive slavery for most. What the ruling class is really saying, and with a pointing finger at all working people, is you exist only to work, you are the firewood we burn, the fuel to profit.

The times have changed, the movement has changed, and it may be just, that we may have to do things differently too, that we adapt to these new times. Technological advancement should free people from toil, but first, we would have to establish a civilised society which capitalism is not.

Working peoples of all lands join us, to build the world on new foundations. A world in which the age-long dreams of poets will become a living reality. Liberate yourselves from the political rule of Wall Street and the City of London. Once these parasites are off our backs, war will be only a word in the history books. We shall then stand on the threshold of a new era of unlimited human progress. Our world has everything necessary to provide permanent security and prosperity for all. We have the raw materials, the industries, the most advanced technology, a skilled labour force, and a high cultural level. These can be put to work to provide a life of abundance for every man, woman and child on the planet. Today, the madmen who rule are preparing to use their power to plunge humanity into the barbarism of endless wars in their insane drive to enslave the world. Over every man, woman and child hangs the threat of war, with the grim prospect of destruction from nuclear missiles. These are the bitter fruits of capitalism. So long as capitalism endures war will ravage the world.

The employing class, aided and abetted at every turn by the government at Washington, has been conducting a furious offensive against the workers. Their object is to beat down living standards, and- make the workers pay for all their problems.

The Socialist Party is 100% opposed to the capitalist system. We call for the establishment of a socialist society. We invite you to join us in the struggle for a socialist society, in which at long last you will really find complete freedom from want and true freedom from fear.  Let us build a socialist society in which life on this earth will be a thing of beauty and a thing of joy. Unite with the Socialist  Party to rid ourselves of the plague of capitalism with its hunger, wars and recessions. Build a socialist party of peace, freedom and plenty.

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