Thursday, March 16, 2023

The future of humanity rests in socialism

“The real barrier of capitalist production is capital itself. It is the fact that capital and its self-expansion appear as the starting and closing point, as the motive and aim of production; that production is merely production for capital, and not vice versa, the means of production mere means for an ever expanding system of the life process for the benefit of the society of producers.” - Marx, Capital, Vol.3

A social revolution is coming. We, socialists, do not create revolutions. We recognise them. Socialists must be capable of enthusing fellow workers, passing on to them visions of a different and better world. Socialism appears to be the only possible solution for our troubles; the only system, based on solidarity which links all humanity linking them in brotherhood, that can reconcile the interests of all and serve as the basis for a society in which everyone is guaranteed the greatest possible well-being and freedom. Socialism must be voluntary, freely desired, and accepted; for were it was to be imposed, it would produce tyranny. Unless internecine struggles cease in favour of a common struggle against the economic system, it will not be socialism that puts an end to the present social chaos. It is essential that political activists begin to focus on ending the economic system of capitalism itself. The survival of life on this planet depends on it. On this planet, there is not room for both the capitalist system and the harmony of mankindThe Socialist Party wants to finish off the profit system to make room for the cooperative commonwealth.

The realisation of profit and the accumulation of capital is the primary urge and the motivating force of all capitalist production. In socialism, the means of production – the factories, mines, offices, land and fields, transportation system,  communications, medical facilities, retailers, etc., will be transformed into social property. Private ownership will end. The economy will be geared not toward the interest of profit, but toward serving human needs. This will release the productive capacity of the economy from the limitations of profit maximisation. A great expansion of useful production and the wealth of society will become possible. Rational economic planning will benefit the people. Socialism will open the way for great changes in society. Workers will be able to manage democratically their own workplaces through workers’ councils and elected administrators. In this way, workers will be able to make their workplaces safe and efficient places that can well serve their own interests as well as society's. Socialism will bring about the ideal “from each according to one’s ability, to each according to one’s need.” Classes will disappear, the state will “wither” away, and a new era of human freedom and prosperity will arise.

The workplace is a place of continual struggle and conflict, where social explosions are always possible. Not inevitable, not limited to this or that country, but possible anywhere in the industrial world. Does that mean that socialism is now on the agenda? In historical terms, yes. In terms of immediate, practical politics, it is obviously not. We have always said that the future belongs to socialism even if it has seemed a dimly distant prospect. Socialism has become synonymous with tyranny. The very word “socialism” almost dropped out of our vocabulary, but there is a reawakening of interest in socialism. Many are now willing to listen because deep down they know there is something rotten about today’s world. They are looking for something that makes sense. What Karl Marx had to say still resonates. Only the world’s working class can save humanity from the prospect of annihilation. With socialism, we can use the world’s resources, and human beings’ ingenuity to change the world, to create a world in which poverty, exploitation, and war are only memories.

It is with that goal in mind that we in the Socialist Party set out. We have no illusions about the scale of the task, or about the limitations imposed by our size, influence, and talents. We know that only the working class can transform society. We don’t seek to put ourselves in the place of that class. We seek only to make workers conscious of their interests and their power. We appeal to all who agree with us, to join us in building a mass socialist party. Together we have a world to win.


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