Monday, March 06, 2023

A vote for the Socialist Party is a vote for yourself.


Don’t vote for your master

Today the worker creates everything, does everything, produces everything, and yet has nothing. Labour produces all wealth and to labour, it should belong. The resources of the earth and the machinery of production are held as the property of the capitalist class. Its ownership is determined and defended by the power of the state, i.e., the government. By virtue of its ownership of the means of production, the capitalist class stands the absolute owner of the working class. It is in a position to at all times command the services of the workers in the production of wealth and it is also the absolute owner of the wealth brought forth by their labour. Under such circumstances, the means of production become the title deeds to the human chattels who are forced to depend upon their labour for their sustenance.

The working class is the only wealth-producing factor in human society. It, therefore, becomes from a profit-making standpoint, the only property worth owning. It is the only sort of property that can produce a profit. The wealth and power of a ruling class can only come from the toil of the slaves that it possesses.

 The capitalist system is based upon private (or state) ownership of the means of wealth production, therefore all the products of labour belong to the capitalists. The capitalist is the master; the worker is a slave.

So long as the capitalists remain in possession of the reins of government all the powers of the state will be used to protect and defend their property rights in the means of wealth production and their control of the product of labour. The capitalist system gives to the capitalist ever-growing profits, and to the worker an ever-increasing misery and degradation.

The interests of the working-class lie in the direction of setting itself free from capitalist exploitation by the abolition of the wage system. To accomplish this necessitates the transformation of capitalist property in the means of wealth production into collective property. Therefore, we call upon all wage-earners to organise under the banner of the Socialist Party with the object of conquering political power.

The control of the resources of the earth and the instruments of labour must be stripped from the hands of the Capitalist Class and these means of production dedicated to the service of the whole people under the administration and control of those who, by doing the world’s work, make any sort of civilisation possible. You, workers of the world, constitute the only useful part of human society. You have long fed, clothed and sheltered your masters in comfort and luxury while eking out a narrow, mean and slavish existence yourselves. The time has now come to stand erect and throw off your shackles. You can resolve not to stay slaves any longer, but to struggle unceasingly against the employing class.

The owning class has always been the ruling class, and the dispossessed class has always been the slave class. The owning class is the master class now. Our class is the slave class now. Capitalism consists of the POWER to make and keep others in slavery. Slavery is the condition of being forced by any means, to work for others. The Socialist Party is the nucleus of the revolt of the slaves against capitalism. Its policy is to educate the slaves to an understanding of their position and organise them for concerted political action, to the end that they may wrest the powers of State from the hands of capital, and use them to strip the master class of its property rights in the means of production and to make these the collective property of the producers. Your only hope lies in revolution—the sweeping away of this rotten system of exploitation. Capitalism is a system of waste and inefficiency. The Socialist Party seeks to change the economic laws governing society and human relations, by bringing order and plan and rational planning into production and distribution.

To you workers, we appeal to join the party of your class, the Socialist Party and help to make it a real party of struggle — a real mass power.  A revolution is coming that will place the working women and men in full control over the planet’s vast resources, that will become a worldwide commonwealth.

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