Saturday, December 07, 2019

What We Must Do

The capitalist system is behind all the ills that burden humanity today. Poverty, deprivation, prejudice, inequality, repression, ignorance, bigotry, unemployment, homelessness, corruption and crime are all inevitable products of this system. Although they have all existed before capitalism, these problems have found a new meaning and relevance in this society, corresponding to the needs of capitalism. These are being constantly reproduced as integral parts of the modern capitalist system. The source of poverty, hunger, homelessness, the brutal dictatorships, wars, genocides define the life of hundreds of millions of people today draw their rationale from the needs of the system that rules the world today and serve specific interests in this world. The capitalist system continually and relentlessly resists efforts to eradicate and overcome these problems and to improve living and working conditions. Capitalists stand in the way of the attempts to change the system and to construct a society worthy of human beings. This is the reality of capitalism today, boding a horrifying future for the entire people of the world.

Socialism will change our way of life. That is what makes the struggle worthwhile. The supporters of capitalism have nothing to offer mankind beyond the continuous existence of a system of society which totters on under the the weight of crises inherent in that very system. Socialism will be possible only when the workers, those who meet the needs of society, decide that they are determined to lay the living conditions of mankind on a new foundation. Socialism meets the desire for freedom innate in every individual. The class struggle is important and cannot be avoided because it marks the road towards the class-free society. With the end of class oppression the state disappears. No other school of thought can possibly visualise a situation of that kind, not even the most extreme right-wing American libertarian. Courage and determination is required, but it is also necessary that everything possible be done towards spreading socialist knowledge among as many workers as possible. The greater the understanding, the greater our confidence in victory over the class enemy and the establishment of socialism

To create a better world has always been the aspiration of people throughout history. People hold a deep-seated hope in the possibility and even the certainty of a better future. There exists the belief hope that tomorrow's world can be free of today's inequality, misery and deprivation, that people can influence the shape of the world to come and it is this which guides the lives and actions of vast numbers of people. Successive generations have tried to  build a better world and a better future that is both necessary and possible. Clearly, everyone's image of an ideal world of human happiness and social progress is not one and the same, however, they share many common traits -  freedom, justice, security and prosperity, ideals which form the basis of socialism, the movement for changing the world and setting up a new society.

The Socialist Party is not party of utopian reformers or self-sacrificing saviours of humanity. Socialism is not a fantasy designed and conceived by well-meaning know-alls. The Socialist Party is the expression of a social movement arising from within modern capitalist society itself, that reflects the vision, ideals and protest of working people. The Socialist Party emerges out of the class struggle. It belongs in the camp of the workers aimed at the overthrow of the capitalist system and the creation of  a new society without classes and exploitation. The Socialist Party has no interests apart from those of the working class as a whole. What distinguishes our organisation is that it champions the unity and common interests of the workers of the entire world, and it represents the interests of the working class as a whole. It is the organised section of the working class which understands the goal and the conditions and pre-requisites of victory and tries to rally fellow-workers to muster under its banner.

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