Saturday, December 14, 2019

Someone Has To Suffer. Guess Who?

On October 24 the newly Conservative government of Alberta announced their budget, which, predictably upset some. Finance minister, Travis Toewes, said they will slash operating expenses by 1.8 billion over the next four years. Education will be the hardest hit being cut by $600 million. Corporations will receive a tax break of $4.5 billion, in an effort to attract investment to the province. The cities of Edmonton and Calgary have been promised a total of $3 billion for their Valley Line and Green Line Low Rapid Transit systems, but wont see a cent of it till 2023. 

NDP Opposition leader, Rachel Notley, was quick to object,'' They're raising your taxes and cutting your benefits while giving away $4,5 billion to the big corporations.'' 

 All a government can do is attempt to run capitalism and no matter how they set about it someone has to suffer and as always its the working class.

Canadian Comrades.

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