Saturday, December 14, 2019

Something Is Wrong. Admit It.

These are the captions of most of the articles in the Business section of the Toronto Star, October 25. ''Forever 21's family ties played role in retailer's ultimate demise''. "Twitter's ad woe weigh on revenues''. ''Hexo cutting 200 jobs in right sizing'' ''Husky CEO critical of government curtailment''. 

And that folks is just the first page! and it don't get much better inside. 

Precision Drilling has $3.5 million loss after cutting costs.'' '' Tax Resources plans to cut 500 jobs''. ''WeWork cool factor is facing big challenge''.'' Cannabis firms find financing expensive''.'' Ten sensation Tik Tok's appeal now waning''. Furthermore the ads for services and employment are only two pages which used to be four.

 Isn't this a case of capitalists admitting something is very wrong with their beloved system? But whether you agree or not, check it out at

for Socialism – SPC GAC

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