Saturday, December 08, 2018

Socialism and Humanity's Heritage

 The aim of the Socialist Party is to build a new society. We differ from other political parties in that we want to completely change the society’s economic organisation for the social emancipation of the working class. This can only happen through abolishing the private capitalists’ monopoly on the means of production and transforming those to common ownership, all society own collectively social property, and the replacement of the unplanned production of goods with a socialist society’s satisfying real needs. The interests of the working class are the same in every country. With world trade and the production for the world market, the position of the working class in one country become dependent on the positions in all other countries. The emancipation of the working class is thus an achievement, in which every people of all lands must take part.
The socialist revolution is to end poverty once and for all. A revolution arises not simply from discontent about injustice, but from deep changes in the economy. New ideas of reorganising society based on the new means of production have to be put forth to challenge the employers. We must rally together to put forth a vision for the future and end compromise with the billionaires and corporations who are robbing the people. 
The new technology of robotics and automation is threatening to replace workers and impoverish masses of people. Whether we work or not, the people still must live. The coming social revolution must place the robots in the hands of the people. Cybernetics and other forms of IT should be the foundation for a whole new world. Abundance, created by robotics and people working for the common good rather than the profit of the few, will forever end poverty, exploitation, oppression, and war. The Socialist Party calls for our fellow-workers to organise for this new vision. Our goal is no daydream but a demand full of tremendous enthusiasm, fighting spirit, and unity, arising from the new social relationships forming in the economy. This is an era of revolutionary change. For the first time in history, humankind can produce such abundance that society can be free from hunger, homelessness and backbreaking labor. The only thing standing in the way is this system of exploitation and injustice. This is the beginning of a revolution for a better world, economically and culturally. The Socialist Party takes as its mission the political awakening of our fellow-workers. We invite all who recognise the problem with capitalism and are ready to do something about it to join with us. With our organised strength, we will liberate the thinking of the working people and unleash their energy. We will win them to the cause for which they are already unconsciously fighting. We will excite the people with a vision of a world of plenty. New technology provides better and more products with less and less labour. Society now has the capacity to devote the energies and talents of its people to satisfying the material, intellectual, emotional and cultural needs of all. We will educate the people about the economic revolution that’s disrupting society. Radical changes in the way a society produces its wealth call for radical changes in how that society is organised. We seek to inspire fellow workers with the alternative to the capitalist state: a society organised for the benefit of all, a world built on cooperation that puts the physical, environmental, cultural and spiritual well-being of its people above the profits and property of a handful of billionaires. When the working class assumes control of all productive property and transforms it into common property, it can reorganise society so that the abundance is distributed according to need. For the first time in history, we have the technological ability to put into effect the principle ’from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.’
The key thing is to keep educating oneself, organising around a movement which fosters a commitment that to ensure the successful revolutionary transformation of the world. It is up to us as socialists to realize that we do have the vision to offer and that society is waiting for a party to give an understanding and offer a solution to the conflicts we are all up against. Far from being proponents of some all-engulfing Big Brother government control the Socialist Party view the state, as withering away — being transformed as an instrument to preserve class rule into an administrative tool. While in the present day world the underlying purpose of production is the amassing of profits for capital; in the new, free society its sole purpose will be to meet the needs of humankind. In the place of the present chaos, waste, and inefficiency, production will be planned. This planning, contrary to the type now envisaged by would-be-advisors of capital, requires the common ownership of the means of production and distribution.
Not only will the revolution itself be profoundly democratic, but with its victory will come almost instantaneous benefits for all. Thanks to the tremendous productive capacity we have created across this land, we will be quickly able to satisfy all the basic needs of everyone. There will be no real shortages that would require some kind of policeman to supervise who gets what and no bureaucrats with the possibility of providing special favors that would allow them to gather up connections that would frustrate the democratic process. One of the first acts of the general assemblies and popular councils would be to place the factories into the hands of those who operate them. For the first time, they would know that their specialized knowledge would be applied entirely for the benefit of mankind. We would see our wealth as part of mankind’s common heritage.

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