Saturday, March 30, 2019

The world is a divided society

There is massive cynicism and distrust of the system, its inability to provide basic services, its failure to deliver the necessities of life and its unaccountable bureaucracies that rule our lives. After a campaign we are faced with yet the need for another.

Socialism is the socialisation of the means of production and of production and democracy is the means to this end. Socialism without democracy is unthinkable. Nevertheless, democracy occasionally might become unsuitable, or even a hindrance to our aim. It is a question of the conquest of political power. The possibility exists of a socialist party becoming the majority at an election, yet the ruling classes could make use of all the forces still at their command in order to prevent democracy asserting itself. Therefore, it is not by democracy, but only by a political revolution that the workers can conquer the political power. Should a ruling class, under the suppositions here discussed, resort to force, it would do so precisely because it feared the consequences of democracy. And its violence would be nothing but the subversion of democracy. Therefore, not the futility of democracy being demonstrated by the ruling class attempting to destroy democracy, but rather the necessity for the working class to defend democracy

We live in a world where the vast majority of men and women are living under the yoke of wage slavery. Capitalism remains the enemy of humanity, it cannot be reformed and the only solution is to build a new social system. We are still a long way from bringing that day of Revolution closer, but it is only through the educational and preparatory politics of today, through confronting the ideas of the system, can we prevail. Socialism is the only road out of the crisis of capitalism, the only road out of exploitation and oppression, the only road that can prevent war and reverse climate change. Working men and women of the world rise up and wage the class struggle. Rally to the red banner of the Socialist Party. We have a World to Win and a Planet to Share. Today is a turning point.

Our goal is the abolition of every kind of exploitation and oppression, be it directed against a class, a party, a sex, or a race. We seek to achieve this object by supporting the working-class struggle, because the workers cannot free themselves without abolishing all causes of exploitation and oppression. The socialist revolution will put an end to capitalist exploitation and all the forms of oppression that inevitably accompany it. The heart of socialism lies in the refusal to accept that what is will always be. Change is inherent in the very fabric of society. To find people seeking social change you don’t have to go back to the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381, to the ideas of the Levellers and Diggers, to the agitation of Chartism, the revolutionary upheavals of 1919 or the General Strike of 1926. Within living memory there have been historic clashes of interest between the ruled and the rulers. There have been the class war and the union battles of the miners, the fire brigade union, postal workers and dockers. Where there’s exploitation there is resistance. Things never stay the same: opportunities will arise to assert the working class’ interests.

In revolutions people and institutions are transformed very rapidly. Ideas, aspirations and actions which would have seemed impossible a year or ten years earlier suddenly come within the grasp of masses of people. Social revolution is the hope of the people.

The Socialist Party declares that its purpose is a social revolution. A social revolution means nothing more or less than adoption of a system of production, distribution, and consumption which is based on common ownership in place of the present inconsistent and anarchistic system of private ownership based on the power of capital. We cannot define the method by which the social change will occur. But even now, during this stage the Socialist Party does not confuse revolution and violence with one another. Violence and bloodshed do not make any movement revolutionary, and essentially, they have nothing in common. Being an organisation which stands for humanity and the attainment of its general happiness and well-being, the Socialist Party hopes that its victory will be accomplished by peaceful revolution. The Socialist Party is also aware of the fact that the success of the social revolution is guaranteed only when it occurs at a historic moment, at the moment when the minds of the people and the events have matured for it. Therefore, our greatest task is to educate and organise the working class so that it will become capable of carrying out this historic mission.

The Socialist Party works for the revolution, its struggles for the well-being, for the self-respect, and for the self-consciousness of labour.

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