Sunday, March 31, 2019

Let Us Face the Future

Capitalist production is concerned with the realisation of a profit, not the satisfaction of human needs. No profit — no production, is the criterion, though millions of people are ill-clad, ill-housed and ill-fed. This is something we have said many times, and there are plenty of examples to support our claim.

We need a society which is concerned with the interests of all its members, an alternative to the present world where resources are monopolised by a privileged elite. The Socialist Party seeks a world which is held in common and at the free disposal of all humanity, where the alternative to commodity production for the market is the production of useful wealth directly for human need. The transfer of the world into the hands of all humanity and its conscious democratic control for the human interest is the political aim of the Socialist Party. Our job is to explain to thoughtful and involved individuals that only socialism will liberate mankind's ability to produce a world of abundance.

The capitalist or employing class lives by exploiting the workers; this means that out of the whole product of their labour, the workers receive only a part, and not a large part. Generally speaking, they get sufficient to enable them to work and to bring children into the world who will carry on when they are worn out—just like horses, with the one great difference that a horse costs money and must be fed and tended even when temporarily not required to work, while men cost nothing and can be laid off when work is slack, because their employer is under no obligation to keep them, and knows that they can be replaced at any time. In any industry, therefore, the employers are primarily interested in the exploitation of their own employees. Their interests are served by having production as high, and wages as low, as possible, even to the extent of injuring the health of the workers. An individual employer does not have to consider the health and fitness of future generations, and in consequence physical deterioration has been the lot of the workers in every land under the present system of society. No modification of capitalism can alter this condition of affairs. The solution is to abolish capitalism. Capitalism is only one of the forms of society which have evolved, and socialism must succeed it if poverty, privilege, slavery, are to give way to comfort, equality and freedom. Buying and selling of the necessities of life, should be abolished and a system of free distribution adopted. In a world based on the common ownership of the means of wealth production, production would be merely a technical problem — and we already have the technology to meet the task. With the fetters of profit-making removed, today’s potential plenty would be made a reality.

The essential facts are very simple. The land and the instruments of production are owned and controlled by a comparatively small number of persons. The workers, therefore, can only obtain a livelihood as the beasts of burden, the hirelings, of these capitalists. It further follows that the more of the good things of life the workers can make the fewer labourers need the exploiters hire. It is therefore not lack of necessaries, but the worker’s ability to produce more than is in demand, that enables the capitalists to create that powerful means of keeping the workers poor, the unemployed.

There is, however, one outstanding feature common to all countries irrespective of their size and population. And that is the existence in each nation of a fortunate, privileged minority who never have to contend with problems of poverty or large families because they own and control the wealth of the world. They became rich through the efforts of the working class, and irrespective of their sexual or biological habits, and they will remain in this same economic position until their employees realise the true nature of the system that enslaves them. When this time arrives the age of scapegoats, red herrings and political hypocrisy , no matter how it is sliced, will be at an end. And you can be certain that men and women who have finally obtained their emancipation and freedom, and have become the common owners of the world's wealth, will also have the intelligence to control their numbers according to the desires and requirements of a socialist society.

Remember the next time someone tries to tell you that world poverty is caused by over-population. Tell him or her it’s caused by capitalism’s profit motive.

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