Sunday, March 24, 2019

Good Times Don't Last Long Under Capitalism

For the average working guy Mississsauga, Ontario was a pretty good place to live, about as good as it could get under capitalism. 

Sad to say, it ain’t that way now. The place is well maintained, the public services are administered well and it was a relatively cheap place to live, though that has changed recently and drastically. 

In an effort to encourage the development of new buildings, last fall the Ontario government lifted rent controls from new units unoccupied prior to Nov.15. Now the average rent for a one bedroom condo in Mississauga is $2000 a month, up from $1,794 in October. The amazing thing is that rents there are higher than most parts of Toronto. Only in it’s central zone is Toronto higher, with $2,241 a month. 

One may well ask how a working class family can cope with these rents. Most probably can’t, nor can they save for a down payment on a mortgage. 

Good times don’t last very long under capitalism and the only things you can be sure of are hardship and insecurity.

For socialism, Steve, Mehmet, John & contributing members of the SPC

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