Sunday, March 24, 2019

We Can Set Our Own Family Policy.

The Federal Services Minister Seamus O’Regan said he was working night and day to come up with proposed welfare legislation to benefit their children, but if he is, the Native Canadians aren’t happy.

 As the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations Chief Bobby Cameron said in an open letter to Justin Trudeau, "We do not wish to see the federal government put in place a child welfare system that subordinates or places us under a province with no recognition of our right to set our own family policy and protect our own children and families.” 

It’s the idea of the proposed bill allowing provincial intrusion into their affairs that has their panties in a twist. 

Cameron said it was, "A renewal of colonialism”.

 However the matter plays out, one wonders when have the effects of colonialism on aboriginals ever ended that they should be renewed. 

Also we can be sure the political upholders of capitalism won’t do a thing for them if it clashes with the interests of the capitalist class.

For socialism, 
Steve, Mehmet, John & contributing members of the SPC .

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