Sunday, October 29, 2006

Showing the voters how valuable you are.

One thing workers don’t have to do is show the voters how valuable they are.
The world would be in chaos if workers stopped work. Shops would soon be depleted; patients in hospitals would soon be in greater distress, as would be the workers themselves.

Workers, who strike, generally do so to maintain or improve their standard of living or conditions in the workplace. Striking worsens the conditions for their families but they have on other alternative (outside of replacing Capitalism with Socialism), therefore, lots of deliberation usually takes place before any strike.

Not so the MPs, they don’t have to strike, have you ever heard of the MPS going on strike?

They don’t have to, they just hold reviews and then vote themselves an increase, saves them striking and allows them to get on with running the country.

This could be why we maybe don’t realise they are there, so, in order to make sure they are noticed, they are set to award themselves £10,000-a-year “communications budget” just days after it emerges they make around £200,000 each from their generous existing pay and expenses package.
Nice to know they will always be available without interruption “ should workers try to hold the country to ransom” as I have known them to say.

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