Saturday, November 06, 2010

Food for thought

On the environmental front, the New York Times reports (24/10/2010) That the cradle of civilization, the fertile crescent is experiencing a drought (no pun intended) of biblical proportions. Climate scientists report that a four-year drought has turned much of it into barren land, ancient irrigation systems have collapsed, underground water sources have run dry and hundreds of villages have been abandoned. In Syria and Iraq, millions have been driven into poverty.
On the positive side, Syncrude has been fined $3 million (probably about two hours' profit) for allowing those 1,600 birds to land and die in their tailing pond in 2008. The bad news is it just happened again. One radio wag reported that a syncrude spokesman said " Not to worry, the ponds are not damaged!"
Just to set your mind at rest, environmentally speaking, Matthew E. Khan in his book, "How Our Cities Will Thrive in the Hotter Future" assures us that, " It was the capitalist machine that created the greenhouse gas epidemic and it will be capitalism that solves the problems; it's the nature of the system. Whether it's twitter(? My reaction) or solar panels, or the Tesla electric vehicle, the innovative capitalist culture will allow us to make a Houdini-style escape from climate change's most devastating impacts." (Toronto Star, 10/10/2010).
Wow, that feels better already! John Ayers

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