Thursday, June 02, 2016

It's capitalism - Do the maths

Just one in four S2 pupils from deprived areas are meeting standards in numeracy at school, according to official figures. 

New statistics have been branded a “disgrace” as they reveal the education gap between the least and most affluent is widening. Numeracy statistics show the number of pupils doing ‘well’ or ‘very well’ in numeracy at the three assessed stages is far lower in the poorest communities than in the richest. The results show standards are slipping across the board but the gap is widening and the poorest have dropped further.

Glasgow is home to the most poorer areas with the city home to 30% of the most deprived datazones in Scotland.

The Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy for 2015 assessed pupils at P4, P7 and S2. In four years the rate of least deprived P4 pupils doing well or very well dropped from 82% to 76%, while the most deprived fell from 70% to 55%. For P7 the least deprived was static between 2011 and 2015 at 77% doing well or very well while the most deprived dropped from 61 to 54. For S2 pupils the least deprived fell from 56% to 53% and the most deprived fell from 28% to 25%.

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