Sunday, July 08, 2007


Today’s exclusive by Norman Silvester in the Sunday Mail reveals plans for the possible stopping of production at the former Motorola semiconductor plant at in East Kilbride under the codename Operation Claymore. Employees were told on Friday that the new Texan owners, Freescale, were putting the giant plant up for sale.
The plant was opened up in 1969, it is thought that Freescale will only keep their research and development arm which would save about 300 jobs at most. However, 900 workers are set to lose employment.
The profit motive has lead to the closure of other fairly long established businesses in East Kilbride such as the Bruce Hotel, which suddenly was closed causing havoc for clients with wedding arrangements as well as staff, the Co-operative opened in the town centre 1970 closed recently and the uncertainty for many families with a mortgage, has MSP Andy Kerr urging the Scottish Executive to act as the closure will have a major blow on the town of East Kilbride and beyond.
Local MP Adam Ingram says he has been told nothing officially by Freescale and would be demanding answers tomorrow.
However, most electronics work is now located in Eastern Europe and Asia where costs and wages are much lower, so the crisis society that is capitalism continues to disorganise the plans and desires of communities, it always has and it always will, lets get rid of it and replace it with a society that doesn’t have a profit motive, Socialism.

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Matthew Culbert said...

They did the same in Livingston.I knew some of the workers there,personally and they are only just getting back on their feet.
West Lothian workers were scudded by the British Leyland shutdown and these were the new industries meant to take over but they didn't last.
The capitalists can sell out and gain from this sellout,or recover their investments,with new re-investments elsewhere.
The workers have to sek a new employer to exploit them.
What was saying about.."life being a shit sandwich, the more ebread you have the less shit you need to eat".
History doesnt have to be repeated ad infintuum,but it requires workers to make common cause and end capitalism.