Monday, February 16, 2009


In yesterday’s Sunday Mail 15th February, there is an announcement that Holyrood politicians, Paul Martin and Alex Fergusson will lead prayers for the victims of the credit crunch. The MSPs will speak at the annual National Prayer Breakfast Scotland. MSP Martin will chair the event and Holyrood presiding officer Fergusson will offer the welcome. As socialists we think you can spend a lifetime on your knees if you believe praying is a solution to capitalism’s world wide problems, our answer is world wide socialism
In the real world: During the week I listened to the Prime Minister Answer questions from the parliamentary committee re.”The banking Fiasco”. He made the point that interest rates were at an all time low and the inflationary rate was almost zero. The target for inflation was 2% so any increase in the money supply would give the bank of England some leeway in keeping to the 2% target.
Pensioners and unemployed workers, people on limited income, faced with the rising costs of essential food prices, result of the inflationary measures the increased money supply will cause, suffer a reduction in their already meagre standards. I say the essentials because it’s not everyday that workers are buying TVs. etc. Other workers faced with the same problems have the difficult job of battling for a wage rise in slumping markets. The process of inflating the money is not new, however, it allows the employers not to be seen attempting to cut wages and disguises the class struggle to some extent. The slump happens because the workers are so productive the capitalist are unable to sell their products, the useful workers who are capable of producing commodities in abundance will have to suffer until their bosses can make a profit, the workers who are still in a job will be urged to be even more productive. Who said he had eradicated the boom, burst system?

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