Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The Metropolitan Police have recently come in for much criticism for their conduct at the recent London G20 demonstration, but compared to the police in China they must seem almost benign.
"In dealing with the subject, take care to leave no blood on the face, no wounds on the body, and no people in the vicinity,"
states the manual, entitled Practices of City Administration Enforcement. The book was reportedly designed as a training guide for the Chengguan, a type of police force that is charged with targeting anyone it feels is disrupting the peace, ridding China's cities of illegal street hawkers and unlicensed taxi cabs, and checking permits." (Daily Telegraph, 22 April)

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Matthew Culbert said...

Only the Telegraph,with its Nazi heritage, would call this Met. cop behaviour,"benign".

Is it not surely that the Met. cop is "incompetant".All from a Telegraph point of view, of course.