Friday, May 01, 2009


Stoked by the relentless drive for profits every developed capitalist nation in the world is armed to the teeth in preparation for possible armed conflict with its rivals. Now it transpires that it is not only its rivals that should fear this growing arms race. Radioactive waste from the Faslane base is polluting the Clyde near the large city of Glasgow.
"Britain's nuclear submarine fleet has been hit by a series of serious safety breaches involving repeated leaks of radioactive waste, broken pipes and waste tanks at its home base on the Clyde, the Ministry of Defence has disclosed. In a confidential report released under the Freedom of Information Act, the MoD has admitted that safety failings at the UK's main nuclear submarine base at Faslane, near Glasgow, are a "recurring theme" and ingrained in the base's culture. The worst breaches include three leaks of radioactive coolant from nuclear submarines in 2004, 2007 and 2008 into the Firth of Clyde, while last year a radioactive waste plant manager was replaced. It emerged he had no qualifications in radioactive waste management."
(Guardian, 27 April) Truly, capitalism is a dangerous society. RD

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aberfoyle said...

Auch well Scotland will soon be independant,and England will have to purchase its nuclear power from Scotland.A well it was only a dream,i live in a country that has been the vanguard for no nuclear anything New Zealand, and yet the price of the electricity is no less affordable if it were nuclear,and the cost as in any Capitalist state for the necessities of life are usery.

The people of this land are proud of their no nukes footprint, yet the main staple of the economy is farming 4 million people 60 million sheep and no has done a count on the big methane dispensers the cows.So we have a no nuke free zone, yet we have in this neck of the woods a hole in our atmosphere due to our closeness to the south pole and the slowing down of the atmosphere that occurs there.So our methane dispensers gasses hang in the atmosphere for longer creating a big hole.

Isint it great how capital can diguise its need for profit by deception and yarns.