Saturday, March 05, 2011

Food for Thought

The parliamentary bill to send generic drugs to Africa is still in the works - after eight years! The fact that the original proposer has left parliament, amendments to the bill, and the government's reluctance, have all conspired to make its passage longer and less sure. How many people have died since Canada trumpeted to the world its intention to provide cheap drugs. It was Liberal government in power then!
 On the environmental front, it has been revealed (Toronto Star, 19&26/Feb/2011) that Ontario Hydro sprayed enough agent orange, the deadly chemical, to cut a 30 metre swath four fifths around the world. There was no regard to streams, soils or the mostly student workers who did the job. It continued until 1979 and, not surprisingly, is turning up a lot of people involved with a variety of diseases. John Ayers

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