Sunday, March 06, 2011

Food for Thought

Our federal government is pushing the ever popular 'tough on crime' program to protect us from the bad guys. Senator Hugh Segal in the Toronto Star (20/Feb/2011) reveals just who the government is after. Almost 100% live beneath the poverty line; aboriginals, just 4% of the population make up 20% of the prison population; more than 70% did not complete high school; 80% arrive in prison with serious substance abuse problems; 70% have unstable job histories .In other words, the economically marginalized people of society. Segal advocates getting tough on poverty but, of course, is unable to discover the cause of poverty, like so many other people and governments.
But wait! A solution has just arrived. The dean of the Rotman School of Management at Toronto University has commented on the latest figures showing that Canadian workers are low on the productivity scale. If we can match the high producers such as Luxembourg and Norway, we can expect our mortgages to be paid off and have enhanced social programs such as a national day care program, and, presumably, be in a position to eliminate poverty. He was unable to explain, however, why workers in those above mentioned countries still have mortgages and social programs just like ours, or why, in the last 50 years and longer we have increased our productivity many times over and we still have every government chipping away at our services and the banks are still giving out mortgages to workers. John Ayers

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