Tuesday, February 07, 2012


From time to time society is hit by unpredictable natural disasters such as earthquakes and we all sympathise with the victims. Sometimes though the governments concerned know about the prospects of a coming disaster, but keep quiet because they are reluctant to spend money.The ramshackle neighbourhoods of northeast Delhi are home to 2.2 million people packed along narrow alleys. If a major earthquake were to strike India's seismically vulnerable capital, these neighbourhoods- India's most crowded- would collapse into an apocalyptic nightmare. "The Indian government knows this and has done almost nothing about it. An Associated Press examination of government documents spanning five decades reveals a pattern of warnings and recommendations that have been widely disregarded. Successive governments made plans and promises to prepare for a major earthquake in the city of 16.7 million, only to abandon them each time." (CCN News, 20 December) RD

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