Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Socialism - the Movement for World Unity


The Socialist Party is an organisation of men and women committed to building a cooperative commonwealth. Only within a socialist society can we take control over our own lives and bring an end to war, economic insecurity and inequality. Only within socialism can all people fully develop their potential and capabilities. We must bring about the end of the present economic and political system that is imposed upon our lives.

“War to the palaces, peace to the cottages” - The Chartists’ slogan.

The Socialist Party is for war. The class war. The war to end wage slavery, to end capitalism with its misery and degradation. The war to end ALL wars. And until that war is ended we do not want peace—because such peace will be the peace of the beggar and the slave. Workers still have the task in the main to see the capitalist as their class enemy, to organise as a class to defeat the employers. 

This system is inherently based on misery and exploitation. It profits a wealthy few at the expense of the vast majority of working people throughout the world.  It generates conflict. It keeps people divided and powerless. This system is controlled by a small number of extremely rich – a ruling class – who use all major institutions, including the government, to protect their interests and wealth to maintain their control over our lives. Capitalism has reduced the workers to destitution, to deprivation, to despair. Capitalism is discarding them out into the streets. 


 Capitalism is a social system characterised by a few great monopolies owning the means of production (factories, mines) and the great majority of the people working in those means of production and owning nothing but their capacity to labour which they are forced to sell. Capitalism brings misery to the people, unemployment, inflation, crises, and war. Our view is that the revolutionary road is the only answer. Socialism is where political and economic power is held and used to benefit not just a handful of people, but all people. Socialism is the social ownership of all natural resources and the application of all social forces in cooperation for the satisfaction of all material social needs. It is a system of universal cooperation for production for use.


 The Socialist Party, as always, scorns to hide its aims. Under capitalist society, it exists to fight against the exploitation of those who toil by hand and brain and to struggle to improve the working and living conditions of the toiling masses, to strengthen the working-class organisation and political understanding of the need of ending capitalism and establishing socialism. Those who have departed from these aims are the real betrayers of working-class principles. We are the inheritors of the true traditions of the Marxist pioneers. We represent the future. We represent the conception of socialism of the future. We believe that these purposes for which we stand should end impoverishment and win the earth from the fear of war. We seek a world in which the exploitation of man by man shall cease when the evolution of human society to new and higher forms shall become possible to all mankind when socialism and peace shall be enjoyed by all.


The attitude of the Socialist Party is clear and definite. It claims that the wealth of society is created by the workers. It claims that the workers, through their administrative councils, must own and control all the processes of wealth production. We carry this struggle on to the political field to challenge the power which the present ruling class wields through its domination of the State which it wins at the ballot box. By its victory at the ballot box, and its consequent political domination, the capitalists can suppress labour. We are convinced that the present political State, with most of its attendant institutions, must be swept away. The political State is not and cannot be a true democracy. It is elected because the wealthiest section of society can manipulate all facts through its power over the media.  The electorate is not asked to vote upon facts but only upon such topics as the media, representing capital, puts before the workers. It is the control of the State that gives to the capitalists in its struggle with labour. Its power. It is through its political strength that the capitalists can deprive us of every shred of civil liberty.  Working people to achieve a peaceful revolution must capture the powers of the State at the ballot box.

The Socialist Party is a revolutionary political organisation and therefore believes in revolutionary political action. It urges the workers to use their ballots to capture political power—not to play at politicians or pose as statesmen, but to use their votes to uproot the political State and to hand to our fellow workers the ability to build administrative councils. To think that Parliament can be used as the means of permanently improving the conditions of working folk by passing a series of acts is to believe in parliamentarism. The Socialist Party is not a parliamentary party. It believes in entering Parliament only as a means of sweeping away all antiquated institutions which stand in the way of achieving socialism.

It is the capitalist system which produces misery and disaster. It is up to you to transform the enormous forces utilised by capitalism for destruction into prosperity for all peoples and all human beings. Organise under the banner of the world socialist revolution with confidence. The dawn of socialism is rising on mankind’s horizon. Turn toward it resolutely, ending forever all misery, dictatorship and war. 

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