Sunday, February 05, 2023

Towards Socialist Clarity and Revolution

 We of the Socialist  Party call on all socialists to fight the political fight on the straight platform of revolutionary socialism. Reformism can be nothing but a capitalist programme. The socialist movement is the outline, of a definite and positive alternative to capitalism. It is clear to every socialist that socialism will not come into existence unless the majority of the people are willing to engage in the struggle for socialism and that means they have to understand what it is. If the people who vote for a Socialist Party candidate do not do so because he holds socialist principles but because of his or her advocacy of reforms, what earthly use can that be for achieving the socialist goal? Socialism must depend upon the consciousness of the working people and not upon their lack of knowledge. The idea that we should first be elected to office and then teach socialism is absurd and it should not even be discussed. It can be stated with the greatest of assurance that a socialist candidate who refrains from teaching socialism during the campaign will only forget all about socialism in office.  

The ruling class is never going to solve its problems through the capitalist system. Therefore, the objective conditions for revolution are going to rise up over and again. We don’t create these conditions. We have to understand our problems so that we can solve them. It’s no small job working to replace the powerful and entrenched capitalist system with our system of society, WORLD SOCIALISM. To do it, we must know how capitalism operates in all its complexities.

The capitalists have at their disposal the schools and universities, the media and many other means through which they justify their social system. We haven’t the resources they have or the facilities. But we have something far more powerful that they don’t possess. We have the unassailable principles of socialism with which to confute and confound them. We stand for an end to the anarchy of capitalism with its recessions, wars and famines. We stand for socialism that alone can guarantee enduring peace and plenty. It replaces the profit system. End the rule of the parasitical cliques of capitalists who run industry for greedy self-interest.

The Socialist Party is an organisation of convinced socialists who hold that socialism can come only through the conscious and determined action of the working-class movement in this and other countries. The working class in society holds a special position. It has no property. It is a propertyless class—dependent upon the class which owns property—the land, the factories, mines, communications, transport. But the land cannot give forth its fullness unless workers plough and sow and reap. The planet cannot deliver its mineral wealth unless workers dig it. Factories cannot work unless workers are employed to make them serve their purpose in the transformation of nature’s wealth into social wealth. It is this fact which compels the owners of the means of producing wealth to hire labour.  

Socialism is that form of society in which there is no such thing as a propertyless class, but in which the whole community collectively owns the means of production—the land, factories, and all the means whereby wealth is created and distributed to the community. The basic principles of a socialist society are diametrically opposite to those of the capitalist society in which we live. Socialism stands for social or community property. Capitalism stands for private property. Socialism is a society without classes. Capitalism is divided into classes—the class owning property and the propertyless working class.

We can easily understand, therefore, why the great majority of landlords, employers of labour, financiers and the like are opposed to socialism. Their very existence as the receivers of rent, interest and profit is at stake. They do not merely reject the theory of socialism, but actively and bitterly fight every movement which is in any way associated with the struggle for socialism.

TO ESTABLISH INDUSTRIAL DEMOCRACY – that is the aim of socialism. 


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