Friday, November 21, 2008

Asbestos compensation ruling due

Insurance companies try to wriggle out of compensation claims.

A ruling is expected later that could have profound implications for asbestos-related cancer victims and their families.

The High Court is due to give a verdict in a case between victims' families, employers and insurance firms.

The hearing has hinged on when an insurance firm was liable - at time of exposure or when a worker becomes ill.

If it is ruled the policy in place at the time of illness is the relevant one it may make it harder to get a pay-out.

This is in keeping with many claims against employers,.despite reforms over a century for negligence, neglect and just plain poor safety standards,employers attempt to wriggle out of paying high insurance premiums and insurers out of paying compensation claims.

By the time some settlement is made in a lot of cases the worker is dead and buried,their families exhausted with the care of them and the employers have taken off to pastures new, their profits intact.

It can't even deliver compensation.
(As if we can compensate for a life ruined)

Capitalism is bad for our health ,the environment,the planet.

Lets get rid of it,its wage-slavery and its monstrous legal and financial spin-offs, such as insurance and courts, deciding on the very relief of its victims and establish a sane system of society with' free access' to all we need and require to live a fulfilling and useful life.

From a BBC News item

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