Wednesday, January 05, 2011


The futility of Reform – 900 steelworkers are locked out of their mill in Hamilton, Ontario. Recently, Stelco was bought out by the American company, United States Steel Corp. and the squeeze on wages and benefits began, e.g. pension indexing was lost for 9 000 pensioners and new hires, mostly from those receiving the lowest pensions, 78% of whom are widows. The company insists there are no indexed pensions in the US steel industry so the workers are expected to accept that as an excuse for a race to the bottom. Capitalism can never work in the interests of the workers.
In the same vein, The Toronto Star (11/12/10) published an article by John Cartwright, president of the Toronto & York Region Labour Council, in which he blames corporate greed for eroding the foundations of a just society, "21st Century corporate culture demands that pension plans be gutted, benefits weakened, and jobs outsourced wherever possible." Mr.
Cartwright should be reminded that it was no different in the 20th century or the 19th century and what he is looking at is the constant attacks on labour, until we, the people, are in charge.John 'Ayers

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