Sunday, March 11, 2012


Whilst the owning class of capitalist society gorge themselves in every known form of over-indulgence millions of poor people suffer the horror of watching their children die from lack of food and clean water. Oxfam has recently been highlighting the latest African horror story. "The British charity said tens of thousands of people in the Sahel region of west and central Africa could die in the coming months if the international community did not distribute much needed aid immediately. The charity said western governments and aid agencies risked making the mistakes of last year in the Horn of Africa, where the famine may have been far less severe had there been a swifter response to the crisis as it developed. In parts of Chad, Mali and Niger, the malnutrition rates have exceeded 15 per cent, with more than one million children at risk of starvation." (Daily Telegraph, 9 March) RD

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