Tuesday, June 20, 2017

All we want is the whole wide world

'Our Demands Most Moderate Are, We Only Want the Earth’

Wage-workers in industrial and developing countries, skilled and unskilled labourers, manual and mental workers, urban and rural workers, all are ravaged by this global scourge with lost jobs and low pay, wage freeze and wage cuts, downsized and diminished benefits, factory closures and run-away shops, and casualisation of labour, strike-breaking and union-busting. he prophets of Globalization talk of “free markets” and “free trade”. But how about freeing labour from wage-slavery?  The gap between the rich and the poor is wider and deeper than ever in history. Despite all the advances in social production through new technology, billions today still have no food on their tables or roofs over their heads. The last 100 years of capitalism has been a century of over-abundance for the owners of capital and utter deprivation for those who live only by the sale of their labour. Globalisation has inaugurated not a post-scarcity society but the unadorned class rule of the international capitalism and its insatiable pursuit of profit.

The Socialist Party is not prepared to collaborate with any political party which supports the capitalist system. The Socialist Party soley wants to see the end of capitalism, a system which has caused unemployment, zero-hours contracts (better known as modern slavery), homelessness, cuts and privatisation of our health and social care systems, education and pensions resulting for the first time since the 1930s food banks established throughout the entire nation. Today’s world is wracked by wars, racism, xenophobia and the rise yet again of organisations and political parties who preach fascistic doctrines. These facts alone demonstrate that capitalism has no place in the twenty-first century. The Socialist Party wants to see a world free from war, free from want and free from oppression. We want a world which promotes and protects the environment and the earth’s resources, not just for human beings but for all other forms of life. The Socialist Party wants to see a world at peace with liberty, justice and prosperity for all, above all we want a Socialist world. We want to see the dreams and aspirations of all those who fought for rights and freedoms become reality; a world where there are no leaders. We want to secure for the people a full return of all the wealth generated by our industries and services on the basis of common ownership of the means of production and distribution. Socialism means that production is based on human need and is not designed to satisfy the greed of the few. The capitalist market should not dictate what is produced but the majority of people should be able to debate and plan what is needed for society as a whole. The road to socialism requires a clear vision. The Socialist Party has no desire to add itself to the number of people's leaders. We are not back slapping or head patting when we say that young people of Britain and the world are the hope of the future. Without their present and future labour power, capitalism has no future. We seek understanding and cooperation in the biggest of all projects, not to fight for the abolition of this or that, or the amelioration of that or the other, but for a complete revolution in our social system. Capitalism took the idealism of our fathers and their fathers and covered it with the muck of two great wars. It took their young bodies and shattered them for its narrow interests. It continues to poison the Earth with pollution: it continues to cloud your vision with nationalist falsehoods wrapped up in sentiment and cheap patriotism. It will, if necessary, throw you in conflict against our brothers and sisters of other lands.

These demands are not excessive; they are most moderate. We only want the earth! It is humanity’s choice.

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