Monday, June 05, 2017

Grassroot opinions

Elizabeth lives in a tenement block in Easterhouse, part of Glasgow East, held by the SNP, having been taken from Labour in 2015. She is not voting in the election on Thursday. “What’s the point?” she said. “Nothing will change.

Elizabeth said she was not the only one living hand to mouth in the area, or the sole person not voting because they did not see evidence of any political work from one day to the next.

Easterhouse is among the poorest wards, scoring a rating of one on the Scottish index of multiple deprivation for 2016 for low income, unemployment, and poor education and health outcomes. Elizabeth said: “Easterhouse is a dump. There’s nothing for the wee ones here.”

This election is not going to change much. Easterhouse is Easterhouse.

 John, Elizabeth's partner, confirming he would not be voting either, said: 
“The election is a load of shite. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, they fuck the country up anyway.”

The Socialist Party suggests to Elizabeth and John that they should exercise the power their ancestors fought and died for - the power of the vote- but to show their contempt for the political parties standing by spoiling that vote. 

Write "World Socialism" across the ballot

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