Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Capitalism - It’s Crazy


The immense destruction, impoverishment and inflation caused by the Ukraine war in Europe have resulted in the dislocation of the world market. The dawning understanding of the inflationary process eating into the living standards of workers is preparing the ground for a new social explosion. The impending economic recession can only accelerate their outbreak. Inflation is now again coming to the fore. Unrestrained prices will become the main means in the hands of the capitalists not only for gouging the consumers but for slashing the real wages of the workers. Even where workers succeed in their struggles for wage increases, they will find that these gains are swiftly nullified by the unchecked ascent in the cost of living. Without a rising scale of wages to cope with the soaring cost of living labour will suffer falling living standards. Expansion of capital, carried on by the drive for greater profits, the motive and aim of all capitalist production, promotes reckless speculation, heading the world straight to a crisis of far-reaching dimensions and explosive consequences.

Social antagonisms are developing sharply. Uncertainty and anxiety concerning the future arise repeatedly. World socialist revolution alone can prevent the regression of humanity into global war. Only a socialist solution is a just one. Only the working class, by taking destiny into its own hands, can avoid incalculable catastrophes and spare humanity.  Capitalism is by its very nature a rotting organism. It aggravates every feature of capitalist anarchy. It ensures an impassable abyss between a tiny minority of the rich and the mass of the people

Today’s environmental problems spring from capitalism’s reckless pursuit of the accumulation of capital without regard for human welfare or nature’s limit. Catastrophic pollution has been going on for decades after decades.

The situation cries out for a truly socialist solution. For the Socialist Party, there cannot be the slightest doubt that the period of capitalist crisis is precisely the time, above all others, to present the socialist solution, to raise the issue of socialism, to speak and act in terms of socialism and to fight for the socialist transformation of the economic, social and political system.

“Instead of the conservative motto, ‘A fair day’s wages for a fair day’s work,’ they ought to inscribe on their banner the revolutionary watchword, ‘Abolition of the wages system’.” this is the authentic voice of Marxists.

Production for profit must be supplanted by production according to a unified plan determined by the needs of the entire people and directed by the associated producers themselves. This is the socialist remedy for capitalist anarchy, insecurity and misery. The capitalist system is wracked by financial crises, recessions and colossal welfare and social problems. If one did not foresee a socialist solution to all of these problems, it would be easy to lose one’s mental balance in the midst of such contradictory and bewildering facts. The media like to make fun of us “crazy” socialists But the real crazies are those running this insane asylum of capitalism.

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