Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Give the World a Future

  We all suffer under capitalism. The capitalist class benefits from the misery of countless numbers of people. This exploitative and oppressive system, where profit is the master, has strangled our entire social system. Exploitation, injustice, racism, national chauvinism and war – these are the face of capitalism today. Whose is the fault? The capitalist class, and all who uphold the capitalist class and their accursed social system. Thus while the rich proceed with their schemes for the aggrandisement of their class, the working class are betrayed by the politicians who spend their time in political intrigues for personal profit. Capitalism has no sympathy for your deprivations and misery. Capitalism, in fact, requires it. The situation cries out for change, for a new, more rational social system – socialism. Our message is clear. Working people have the power in their hands to forge a new socialist society and they alone are capable of running society in the interests of the great majority. End capitalism and class exploitation. Away with palliatives of any sort, and on with the revolution.

 Capitalism is a system based on the private property of the means of production from which profit is made through the exploitation of labour. “Prosperity” under capitalism can only mean that private industry is making enough profit. The capitalist system is incapable of maintaining systematic improvements in the standards of living of the world’s working masses and preserving democratic rights (where they exist at all). Capitalist society is now a reactionary social system.  The workers must answer with the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism. Only the working class can take humanity out of the chaos of capitalism, by making the world socialist revolution.

Workers don’t need a crystal ball to see their future. The employing class and their state, in their never-ending greed for higher profits, are willing to make misery for working people. The working class, if it were united,  could if it wished turn this planet into a storehouse of plenty for all. The problem is that people accept capitalism and its logic and therefore see no alternative to the current misleaders who defend that system at all costs. The answer to poverty is not a welfare state and better social services but a new society which will have real solutions for all our problems, a new society based on human needs, not profits. Using all the resources of society for the benefit of all would ensure the advancement of living standards for everybody.  

Faith that capitalism can be reformed is prevalent. Reformists would provide the workers with new masters instead of the old ones, good humane masters instead of the bad, rapacious masters of today. The workers would have no control or direction over the means of production. Above them stands the commanding state bureaucracy of managers.

Reformists show little sense of the realities of capitalism with many believing that the growth of the welfare state will turn into a mixed or socialistic state as time goes on. A brazen attempt to save the profits of Big Business by reducing its taxes and cutting down the already meagre social programmes is being made by many governments. As revolutionaries who are loyal to our class, we support every effort on the part of workers to better their situation. However, we want to use the opportunities to explain the need for a socialist revolution. The real freedom of the workers consists of their control over the means of production. The essence of the future free world community is not that the working masses get enough food, but they direct their work themselves, collectively. The real fight for liberation has yet to begin.

Socialism, and socialism alone, explain this and the many other contradictions in capitalist society. The abolition of the capitalist system and the wage slavery upon which it is based will put an end to the misery of the millions and nothing else can do it. The socialist movement has this end for its aim. Wage slaves, male and female, the victims of the capitalist system, must be aroused to the consciousness of their class interests and their class power, industrial and political. Great as the task is, it must be accomplished, and by the working class itself. Little help will come from without. All hope and all of the powers necessary to realise it lies within it. The slumbering masses must be stirred, the apathetic and indifferent must be awoken, to be educated, the contented must be roused to discontent, and all must have their eyes opened and be made to see and feel the pressing need of a united working class for the overthrow of the present exploiting the brutal system.

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