Sunday, January 01, 2023

Thoughts on the New Year

 Once again, we reach the First of January. Once again, we are greeted with “A Happy and Prosperous New Year.” What are the prospects of a happy New Year for working people? When we wish each other a prosperous New Year! What a pious platitude. What have the workers to look forward to in 2023? Was 2022 a good year for us?

We can fully expect in the coming year for the wealthy to continue indulging themselves in luxuries while we toil and sweat to make that possible for them. The aim of the capitalists is to keep the workers submissive and willing wage slaves with flattery and promises.

 The workers of the world can control their destinies once they discard their delusions and shed the burden of the capitalists they have borne upon their backs.

We want a different way of life. We think this earth and its resources should be at the disposal of the whole of mankind. That it should be used to meet our needs and not wasted on a market economy. A new type of world based upon cooperation for the common good.

Why not reflect on what your New Year's resolution will be this year? Are you going to resolve to become a "better" person, which you have very little chance of keeping? Or are you going to make this the year you start to take control of your own life?

"I resolve that 2023 will be the year that I will organise democratically with my fellow workers to abolish capitalism and bring about a society in which we can all become happy and prosperous".

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