Sunday, January 29, 2023

Workers’ Revolution is the Only Solution


If working men and women understood what socialism really meant they would rush to join the World Socialist Movement BECAUSE SOCIALISM IS THE ONLY HOPE IN THE WORLD FOR THE WORKING PEOPLE. Socialism is the international movement of the working class to abolish the wage system. It is a revolutionary movement OF THE WORKERS, BY the workers and FOR the workers.

The person who works for wages is a slave, in fact,  worse than a slave, for a slave can always look to a master to feed, clothe and house him or her. The wage-worker is forced to get a job – to sell one’s working strength to a boss or beg, starve or steal. Men and women can never be free or independent as long as they have to beg the idlers for a chance to work. The man who owns your job owns you. And we workers make everything in the world. There is nothing fine, valuable, beautiful, or useful that is used by men and women, no matter who they are, that is not made by the hands and the brains of workingmen or women. But we are not permitted to enjoy these things. The bosses claim them all. They only give to us (in wages) enough to eke out a poor existence. The whole secret of our slavery lies in the fact that a few people OWN THE FACTORIES, the MINES, the LAND and the TRANSPORT.

Socialism proposes that the workers who operate the industries shall OWN them collectively – that men and women shall work for themselves and shall own the things they make without DIVIDING UP with any idle property owners. Socialism proposes that the workers themselves shall be the collective owners of the MEANS OF PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION. This is socialism in a nutshell. Socialism is the movement of your class, the WORKING CLASS to free themselves from wage-slavery.

Marxism teaches that the revolution against capitalism and the socialist reconstruction of the old world can be accomplished only through conscious, collective action by the workers themselves.  It has never been part of our argument to think you could overthrow capitalism over the head of the working class. Marxists also we recognise that in the modern world it is impossible to organise a revolutionary movement solely in one country. If we disagree with other parties, we have to say so! We have to make it clear why we disagree so that working people will know the difference between one party and another. Nothing is worse than blurringthe  differences when they concern fundamental questions.  Our Declaration of Principles is not dogma but a guide to action. We know where we come from and e intend to maintain our continuity. Socialism is the society of the free and equal and its democracy is the rule of the people.

The Communist Manifesto says:

All previous historical movements were movements of minorities, or in the interest of minorities. The proletarian movement is the self-conscious, independent movement of the immense majority, in the interest of the immense majority

Every benefit for one class must be made at the expense of the other class. From this antagonism existing between capitalists and wage-workers arises the class struggle which is a part of the socialist philosophy embodied in the Socialist Party. The Socialist Party is the party of wage earners, organised for the overthrow of the wage system. It is OF, BY and FOR the working class alone and it ceases to be a socialist party the very moment it pretends to represent the members of ANY OTHER CLASS.  Remember that the interests of wage-workers and capitalists are absolutely opposed.  Our party rests upon the class struggle as a condition of its existence. Unite with your fellow-workers into one great organisation of the workers. Alone we can accomplish nothing; united the world is ours.

The aims of socialism are always in the interest of the working class. The business of socialists is to abolish a society that is based on the wages system. Socialism stands for common ownership. It means the overthrow of the wage system. This is the real essence of socialism. The sole end and aim of business are PROFITS and MORE PROFITS.  Profits are the cause of poverty. And socialists propose to abolish poverty. This is why every working person ought to be a socialist.


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