Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Just information ?

If you or anyone you know has one of the "National Entitlement Cards" that are currently used by most people for concession travel on public transport (1/3 off fares for 16-18 year olds & free bus travel for over 60s and disabled) then it's important that you check out this website:

Basically, the ID database is being set up with these as the trojan horse for this scheme. Download the report and check out the links. Do a bit of research and you'll see what's going on here.

Whether you are for or against the rise of national databases / ID cards and the like,you should give some thought to this as well - the NHS national database (which may be going EU wide).

This'll enable many thousands of people in NHS and elsewhere to access all your health records - even sensitive stuff like abortions or mental health problems. Crazy stuff.

Check out the Big Opt Out.

These links show how the NHS care record and Citizens Account (ID file more like) will be linked:

for the paper 7, this part says it all:

4. The issuing of entitlement cards.. was in effect a pilot for the whole CA system.

Some criticism of the seemingly backdoor ID Card here by Sunday Herald reporter:

Good article in the Guardian:,,2216772,00.html

This is not just paranoia, don't you agree?

This below is a spoof but could it be the plan, long term?

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